Sub-School of Management Engineering hold serial lectures of "Internet plus"

The third lecture: Reform and prospect of enterprise management concept facing “Internet plus”
Written by Yang Jianliang and Hou Hanping of Sub-School of Management Engineering
On May 26 2015 afternoon, the third lecture of serial lectures of “Internet plus” was held in Sidong 207. The previous two lectures discussed national innovative strategy of “Internet plus” and “Internet plus” innovation practice of Jingdong online retailor logistics respectively, receiving hot response from teachers and students. In order to further reveal innovative mechanism of Internet plus” and deeply discuss the integrated system and characteristics of Internet plus” concept, this lecture invited Associate Prof. Yao Jianming from Business School of Renmin University of China to give a splendid speech on reform of enterprise management concept of "Internet plus". Associate Prof. Yao is also a doctoral tutor, Ph.D of Management and post doctor of School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University.
From the special angles of “plus Internet” and “Internet plus”, Dr. Yao Jianming analyzed the difference between them on six elements of nature, purpose, scope, technical support, key points and innovative entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he elaborated basic support, crossing-fields mixture and characteristics of integrated optimization of “Internet plus”. He pointed out that “Internet plus” platform should pay attention to division needs based on market and data character,industrial/supply and demand/enterprise boundary (limit) that enterprises needed to breakthrough for success, supply chains that turned attention from products and service to information, multi-industrial mixture customization of enterprise service, 020, lazy people model, interactive and cross-boundary profit gaining of business model, etc. He put forward three principles of reform of concept of “Internet plus”: Customer value comes first; dimming of supply and demand/industrial/ enterprise boundary (limit); resource return to society. Meanwhile, he reorganized reform and prospect of concepts of enterprise culture, strategy, organization management and supply chains under the background of “Internet plus” from three dimensions of flexibility, stability and opportunity.
In the segment of interaction, attending teachers and students had discussions about issues such as industrial adaptability of "Internet plus”, thinking mode of “Internet plus” and prevention of “Internet plus” bubbles, in order to “understand frontier, expand vision, enlighten wisdom”. In today’s time of Enlighten wisdom, each one don’t have to work on Internet, but should use concept and thinking of “Internet plus”, such as client experience/free service and value added service of platform/accurate supply chains management, to study and think about enterprise management.
The lecture was short and discussion topics were just a few. However, the deep research around “Internet plus” will continue. Dr. Yao Jianming said he would have comprehensive and deep communication and discussion with teachers and students of our school in several ways in future.
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