The first contest of innovation and entrepreneurship of BJTU was held successfully

On May 24, 2015, the first contest of innovation and entrepreneurship of BJTU was held successfully in Room 821 of Siyuan East Building. 7 alumni entrepreneurship tutors made field assessment to 19 teams and 21 entrepreneurship projects. Director of Graduate Students Department and Vice President of Graduated School, Qu Xiaoting and President of School of Economics and Management, Zhang Qiusheng attended the meeting and gave addresses.

Qu Xiaoting said, as a new content of the 25th Cup of Huiguang Graduates Academic and Artist Festival and with “innovation, entrepreneurship, create future” as the theme, this contest was aimed at encouraging students toward entrepreneurship, inspiring students’ enthusiasm of entrepreneurship, guiding and encouraging students toward hardworking and improving their practical abilities. She thought the contest had taken advantage of an opportunity and hoped that BJTU students could participate in activities positively, work hard with innovation and vigor of youth, pay attention to teamwork and establish correct concept of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Zhang Qiusheng expressed his gratitude to entrepreneurship tutors and student teams participating in this contest. He said that innovation and entrepreneurship had significance for optimization of social capital, upgrade of national industries and development of manufacturing. He also pointed out that there was no difference in ages on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs should seize and take full advantage of opportunities, persevere and maintain vigor even after frustration, pay attention to selection of partners and construction of teams. He hoped that the seeds of innovation would bloom and yield fruit, the concept of innovation could pass on. 

Then, 19 teams respectively demonstrate 21 entrepreneurship programs such as “Integrated service company with the last one kilometer of delivery”, “Entrepreneurship project of Tianyou Hengzhi intelligent ground lock” and “Intelligent stage chasing light device”. Entrepreneurship tutors gave comments and development advice based on their own abundant experience. 

In the segment of communication and sharing, 7 entrepreneurship tutors gave summary assessment according to advantages and shortages of each entrepreneurship program and shared their own feelings and experience of innovation and entrepreneurship. They pointed out that in current beneficial environment of entrepreneurship, one should think and explore a lot, do entrepreneurship from practice and in practice, make use of what have been learned, specify products pain points and demonstrate differentiation. Then, participant students interacted with tutors from angels of selection of entrepreneurship directions, set up of share structure of founder, venture financing and founder quality. The wonderful answer of tutors received unanimous praise from teachers and students. 

Yu Bo gave closing remarks after the contest. He praise the active thinking and innovation bravery of participant teams. He hoped everyone seize current precious entrepreneurship opportunity with unyielding and relentlessness and learn experience from failure. He also said that he would provide instructions and support for students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects with full efforts. 

Finally, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of School of Economics and Management, Cui Yongmei, issued appointment letter to entrepreneurship tutors and expressed gratitude for their hard work of instruction. The 7 alumni tutors were: Vice President of Searaibow Holding Corp. and Angel investor, Shangguan Yongqiang, co-founder of Mash5 Technologies, Inc., Yu Bo, General Manager of Shanghai Yonghua Capital Management Co., Ltd., Yu Ming, founder of Shandong Confucianism Culture Transmission Co., Ltd., Xu Fagang, founder and CEO of Beijing Digibird Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd., Su Wei, founder of Beijing Ruikang Qihui Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Wu Xiaoou, Partner of Capital Law Firm and Quantum, Zhou Zhenguo. 

Deputy Director of Liaison and Cooperation Department of Beijing Jiaotong University, Bai Yan, Deputy Director of Department of Enrollment and Jobs, Huang Xiaohui, Deputy Secretary of Youth League, Li Gang, Moral Education Office of Graduate Students of School of Economics and Management, Office of Social Service and Alumni and over 100 alumni and students on campus participated in the contest. 

This contest of innovation and entrepreneurship was sponsored together by Graduate Students Department of Party Committee of Beijing Jiaotong University, Graduate School, Youth League Committee of Beijing Jiaotong University, Liaison and Cooperation Department and School of Economics and Management, hosted together by Graduates Union of the Universtiy, Office of Social Service and Alumni of School of Economics and Management and Graduates Union of the School. The contest built a platform of communication, learning and demonstration for students and alumni. It has an important meaning for deepening of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform of our school, guiding students into entrepreneurship practice, improving innovation and entrepreneurship ability and cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship awareness.