Prof. Jennifer S. Shang of University of Pittsburgh gave a lecture in Sub-School of Management Engineering as invited

Invited by Sub-School of Management Engineering, Prof. Jennifer S. Shang of Business School of University of Pittsburgh gave an academic presentation for teachers and students of our school on May 21 afternoon, 2015. The title of presentation is “Supply Chain Network Design”. President and Prof. Zhang Juliang of Sub-School of Management Engineering hosted the lecture. Over 70 people attended this academic exchange, including Dean of Department of Logistic Management, Prof. Li Yisong, Dean of Department of Information Management, Prof. Zhang Runtong, Director of Engineering Master Center, Prof. Fu Shaochuan, Party branch secretary and Vice President of Sub-School of Management Engineering, Associate Prof. Zhou Jianqin, and teachers, PhD students, Master students from Department of Logistic Management, Department of Information Management, Department of Finance and Department of Economics.

In the lecture, Prof. Jennifer S. Shang mainly elaborated how to design and publish high-level essay starting from problems. Combined with her over 20 years research experience, Prof. Jennifer S. Shang summarized four paths for digging new research ideas: teaching, reading documents, communicating and interacting with practice. Then, taking the issue of network construction of GSK’s regional delivering center (RDC) as an example, Prof. Jennifer S. Shang explained the process of discovering, descripting and resolving problems. During the lecture time, Prof. Jennifer S. Shang told people the research experience with vivid words and cases. The lecture had an interesting atmosphere and let people feel openness and interest of academic research. Finally, Prof. Jennifer S. Shang had a warm communication and discussion with attending teachers and students.

Prof. Jennifer S. Shang is an internationally renowned expert of decision making and operation Katz Business School of University of Pittsburgh. She has published over 60 papers in top journals such as Management Science, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Marketing, OMEGA:Marketing Science, Information Sciences, European Journal of Operational Research. Before the lecture, Prof. Jennifer S. Shang reached consensus about further cooperation and communication between our school and Business School of University of Pittsburgh with Lu Xiyan, Director of International Exchange Center of School of Economics and Management.