Mr. Liu Daizong gave a lecture in Sub-School of Economics as invited

From 12:30 to 14:30, on May 21, 2015, Senior Project Specialist of China Sustainable Transportation Center, Mr. Liu Daizong, gave a splendid academic lecture in Room Sidong 611 as invited by Sub-School of Economics. The lecture was hosted by Vice President and Prof. Li Weidong of Sub-School of Economics. Nearly 30 people attended the lecture, included President and Prof. Lin Xiaoyan , Prof. Rong Chaohe, Prof. Zhaojian, Prof. Wu Jianhong, Prof. Tong Qiong and other teachers and graduate students.

In the lecture, Mr. Liu Daizong analyzed current phenomena such as traffic jam in the urbanization of China and unsustainability of neighborhood. He pointed out those phenomena were rooted in the urban planning concept of serving cars. Based on this, he went forward to the theme of “Integrated solution for redevelopment of public transport oriented city”. The solution discussed urban transport from the angel of urban planning and design, which included three parts: Transit Oriented Planning, Transit Optimization and Reform and Transit Oriented Design.

The lecture had both of words and pictures with classics. Using urban cases and practical projects, it elaborated the theoretical system of reform, renew and redevelop city with public transport orientation.

After the lecture, Mr. Liu Daizong had a warm communication and discussion with attending teachers and students.

Modified date: May 25, 2015