Senior Engineer Gao Mingming gave a lecture in Sub-School of Economics as invited

On May 20 afternoon of 2015, Senior Engineer and Deputy Director of the Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation, Gao Mingming, gave a splendid academic lecture in Room Sidong 611 as invited by Sub-School of Economics. The lecture was hosted by Party branch secretary of Sub-School of Economics, Prof. Bu Wei. Nearly 30 people attended the lecture, included President and Prof. Lin Xiaoyan , Prof. Wu Jianhong, Director Peng Zhaoqi and other teachers and graduate students.

In the lecture, Gao Mingming first made an introduction to the Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation, including organization design, institution function and major achievements in previous years. Then he elaborated around the theme of "Anticipation of needs for railway transport" and from different angels of anticipation of needs for passenger transport and freight transport. From theoretical base and model construction to practical operation, the lecture contents were detailed and concrete.

After the lecture, Gao Mingming had a warm communication and discussion with attending teachers and students.

This lecture was the first one of Railway Lectures Series hosted by our school and Economics Committee of China Railway Society. There will be more lectures of high-level and high quality in future.