Internet plus C Sub-School of Management Engineering held serial lectures of Internet plus: First lecture of Internet plus logistics

On May 12 afternoon, 2015, serial lectures of Internet plus opened in Room Sidong 207. The lecture guest was Prof. and Dr. Wei Jigan of State Development Research Center. The lecture theme was “Internet plus logistics”. The lecture mainly explained contents and deep influence of “Internet plus” from the angel of national strategy, aiming at making teachers and students know the frontier, expand the sight and illuminate wisdom. Nearly a hundred teachers and students attended the lecture.

Prof. Wei Jigang deeply elaborated the improving effect and reform that “Internet plus” put on Chinese logistics, pointed out the world’s intelligent service development trend in the context of new technology and new industry revolution, specifically introduced reform of internet retailing, rapid development of delivery and multiple models of e-business logistics, etc., under the background of Internet plus, which formed the logistic 2.0, 2.0+ and 2.0++ and add more responsiveness, timeliness, flexibilities, experience, added value, individuality and internationality to logistics. He clearly pointed out that Internet plus had changed efficiency of e-business logistics, logistic systems, supplying chains models, etc., and we would have to be faced with how to deal with huge amount of orders, how to store and sort huge amount of goods and how to deliver huge amount of goods. He expressed his confidence that China would speed up to become the world’s largest transportation and logistics nation helped by Internet plus.

Meanwhile, Prof. Wei Jigang pointed out that current logistic industry had some problems, such as lack of supplying chains management in key industries, falling behind of traditional large goods logistic model, low standard of enterprise informationization. He pointed four kinds of problems facing Chinese logistics: mid-long term problems of system, structural and ability; near-mid term problems of links, innovation, internationalization and sustainability; basic problems of system, policy, law and standards; factor problems of talents, technology, fund and information. He raised seven transformation for Chinese logistics and three strategic missions, including modernization of logistics, construction of global logistic system with links and operations, construction of strong, intellectual and green national logistic system, optimal distribution of logistic resources from the whole national aspects, etc.

Prof. Wei Jigang also explained the draft of mid-long term plan of logistics and the 13th Five Year plan of logistics which he was in charge of. His splendid lecture received warm welcome from teachers and students. In the last part of interaction, teachers and students discussed about topics related to Internet plus. In the hot atmosphere, they said they would further understand characteristics of our time, social reform and innovative development.
Sub-School of Management Engineering
May 14, 2015