Special presentation on ˇ°Historical observation of industrial innovative systemˇ± of Academic Growth Path Series of Sub-School of Industrial and Commercial Management

From 16:00-18:00 pm on April 28 afternoon, 2015, the Sub-School of Industrial and Commercial Management held an academic lecture of “Face to face with masters” in Room SD611, which was organized by Department of Graduate Students. Prof. Kang Rongping of Institute of World Economics and Politics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences gave a special report of “Historical observation of industrial innovative system”. The lecture was hosted by Associate Prof. Zhang Jinxin, Vice President of Sub-School of Industrial and Commercial Management. Prof. Ke Yinbin, Deputy Director of Research Center of World Chinese Entrepreneur of Institute of World Economics and Politics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Prof. Zhang Qiusheng, President of School of Economics and Management participated in the lecture.
Prof. Kang first observed developing history of innovative system of Great Britain, Germany, former Soviet Union, the United States and Japan from the angel of industrial innovation. He analyzed internal and external factors influencing the formation and development of innovative system from aspects of international environment and position, market condition, major industries, innovation entities, governmental systems and international policies. He also put forward some experience worth paying attention to in the industrial development of China and talked about his own feelings. Participants benefited a lot from the lecture.
Kang Rongping is a profession in the Institute of World Economics and Politics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, one of the 8th expert consultants of Beijing Municipal Government, special invited expert of Foreign Investment Cooperation Country Guide, standing member of council of China International Economic Relations Association, and standing deputy chief editor of World Chinese Entrepreneur Economic Yearbook. He was been visiting professors of Institute of Asian Economy of Japan, Kokugakuin University of Japan and Seoul University of South Korea. He has been devoting to international comparison research of growth and strategy of big Chinese enterprises. He has published more than one hundred papers and eight books. Currently his research focuses on growing strategy of Chinese enterprises, walking out strategy, family enterprises, industrial innovative system and strategy.
Master students, doctoral students and some teachers of our school attended the lecture and interacted on live. President Zhang Qiusheng raised eleven questions after the presentation and looked forward to further communication and exchange with Prof. Kang.
This lecture is one of the annual serial presentations of Academic Growth Path of Three Business Growth Paths, advocated by the Sub-School of Business Administration. The Three Business Growth Paths activities include Academic Growth Path, Vocational Growth Path and Entrepreneurship Growth Path. The Academic Growth Path invites high-level experienced scholars at home and abroad to give instructions for youth teachers and graduated students on publishing high-level academic papers and applying for high-level research projects like national science fund and national social science fund. The Vocational Growth Path invites professional managers who have grown fast to be successful to analyze their growth paths for the undergraduates, making them know themselves, know the society, demonstrate themselves, administrate themselves realize themselves. The Entrepreneurship Path invites successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship experts to give systematic presentations on how to succeed in managing enterprises, so as to inspire the undergraduates’ consciousness and enthusiasm on entrepreneurship and to strengthen their purposiveness and self-consciousness of learning.