Chairman of Sub Association of Finance of University Alumni Association, Yu Jun, gave a theme speech of ¡°Growth stocks feast: Bull market needs rise of Central China¡±

On April 22 night, 2015, jointly invited by the Social Service and Alumni Office of School of Economics and Management and MBA Center, Doctor Yu Jun, Adjunct Professor of our school, Chairman of Sub Association of Finance of University Alumni Association and Partner of Beijing Heju Investment Management Co., Ltd., gave a lecture on current A stock market entitled “Growth stocks feast: Bull market needs rise of Central China”.
First, Doctor Yu Jun made a brief introduction to the development of A stock market and the historic adjustment and opportunity it was faced with. He said that along with the coming of the peak of real estate industry and recent monetary policy interventions of cutting interest rate and reserve rate, liquidity of A stock market had been improved considerably, the market economic expectation had been the bottom, and the current A stock market had already have both of the necessary and the sufficient conditions of a bull market. Then, Doctor Yu Jun elaborated how to invest in the context of current New Normal economy and big bull market. He said that this round of bull market was different from that in 2007 and it would form a big bull market of growth stocks with Internet as the head and high-tech equipment and new energy/energy saving as the two wings, thus the investment fields and style would need correspondent adjustment. In the economic transforming period with One Belt and One Road, governmental reform and decrease of raw material cost, there would be abundant of investment opportunities emerging. New energy, mobile internet, railway traffic, national security and reform bonus would be the focusing fields of investors in future.
Prof. Rong Chaohe, doctoral tutor of Doctor Yu Jun, also attended the lecture and gave a speech. He said that Yu Jun’s keeping calm and reasonable and his current achievements were originated from his hardworking and correct knowledge about the world as a student. Prof. Rong hoped the student audience would work hard and make progress actively like Doctor Yu Jun did and build correct outlook of world and life. Meanwhile he reminded that “There are risks in stock market and be careful of investing”.
Then, the participants had a heated interaction. They made deep discussion and exchange on issues such as “market trend and forecast”, “interactions between start up board and main board”, “how to control investment risks”, and “how to select potential stock”. The live atmosphere was heated with good response.
More than 70 people attended this lecture, including members of Sub Association of Finance of University Alumni, teachers and undergraduate and graduate students from Department of Finance, MBA Center and Social Service and Alumni Office of our school.