Research group of the 13th Five Year Plan held seminar of development goal

At 10 a.m., April 22, seminar of periodic achievement of research group of the 13th Five Year Plan of our school was held in Meeting Room SD 612. Group members reported their work and achievements to President Zhang Qiusheng from aspects of talent development, scientific research, social service, staff development, platform construction, domestic communication, international exchange and cooperation, developing status and problems, development goal, pathways and countermeasures of the 13th Five Year.

President Zhang fully endorsed the efforts and achievements during initial work of research group of the 13th Five Year Plan and made requirements for next stage. He pointed out that the school should grasp core tasks of talent development, scientific research and social service, promote outward link domestically and internationally, further improve construction of staff and disciplinary platform, and ultimately provide resource support for accomplishment of core tasks. In next stage, we should link goals, pathways and countermeasures of 7 sub-plan, which could effectively support completing general plan. Meanwhile, the 13th Five Year Plan should be linked organically with the certification of the School of Commerce and provide working basis for implementation of the 2015 budget.

Research of the 13th Five Year Plan of the school has much tasks and only a little time. The research group has a seminar each week. The research job has received support and cooperation from school leaders and each department and center. It is believed that the blueprint of the 13th Five Year Plan of the school will reach a full success under collective wisdom and efforts.