One of serial activities of professors and experts¡¯ tour to enterprises of Branch School of Industry and Business Management: Investigation of Youth Entrepreneurship Development Zone of Taian, Shandong

From April 17 to 19, 2015, invited by Governor Liu Lin of Daiyue District of Taian City, Shandong Province, 12 experts of the Branch School of Industry and Business Management went to the Development Zone for an investigation of enterprises and discussion of cooperation, including Prof. and President of Branch School Zhang Wensong, Prof. and Party Secretary-General of Branch School Xiao Xiang, Prof. and Vice President of Branch School Tang Fangcheng, Prof. and Dean of Department of Tourism Yu Qing, and teachers of Department of Accounting and Department of Enterprise Administration.

Taishan Youth Entrepreneurship Development Zone (Taishan Youth Entrepreneurship Park) was founded in April 2000, and was named with Shandong Daiyue Industrial Park after it was verified by the National Development and Reform Commission and approved by provincial government as a provincial development zone in 2006. The entrepreneurship park has a total controlled area of 41.3 km2, a planned area of 24.1 km2, a completed area of 15 km2, 564 registered enterprises, 1 State 863 Programme project, 3 State Torch Programme projects, 2 national high-tech enterprises, 12 provincial high-tech enterprises, 10 municipal high-tech enterprises, and 6 products granted with Shandong Famous Products like Yineng loader machine. Five industrial systems of equipment manufacturing, clean energy, high-tech, energy-saving materials and new service have been formed, and the park has been one of the districts surrounding Taian with the largest development potential, the most active economy and the fastest growth.

During this activity, experts of Branch School of Industry and Business Administration investigated two typical enterprises: Shandong Mingjia Technology Co.,Ltd and Shandong Hongkang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The experts also had deep exchanges with senior managers of the enterprises.

First, Prof. Zhang Wensong introduced the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University, especially current development status, disciplinary research teams and relative research achievements of the Branch School of Industry and Business Management. His introduction focused on the purpose and objective of serial activities of professors and experts’ tour to enterprises£¬ which were to make discipline of industry and business management a new style think tank for economic and social development with characteristics. Senior managers of the enterprises, including President of Mingjia Technology Co.,Ltd, Zhang Shujun and President of Hongkang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Kang Fengming, made brief introductions of development status and aims to their own companies respectively. The managers also talked about some confusion and bottleneck that private high-tech enterprises had been faced with during their development.

Then, as for the above issues presented by the enterprises and based on investigation of the enterprises, visiting experts gave some directive and instructive ideas and proposals from aspects of strategic planning, marketing, brand building, capital market, enterprise tax, organization and management diagnosis. Their ideas and proposals were highly recognized by the enterprise managers, along with urgent desire for deep cooperation in future. Finally, both sides discussed cooperation fields in future, including a series of strategic cooperation such as signing strategic cooperative framework agreement and building a practice base of the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University in Mingjia Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shandong Mingjia Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in July, 2009 in Taian of Shandong Province. As the pioneer who firstly apply the on-line inspection technology into production process of beer and beverage industry, MINGJIA has supplied over hundreds of on-line inspection equipment to world famous enterprises such as CocaCola, Danone, Nestle, Uni-president, Tsingtao Beer, Huarun, Yanjing Beer, Zhujiang Beer, Budweiser InBev, etc, since its first equipment supplied to CocaCola and had passed trial acceptance running successfully in the year of 2009. Its integrated competence is currently ranking the first in China, the second in Asia and the fourth in the world. The company is actively preparing for listing.

The leading products of Shandong Hongkang Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd. are NC shearing slitting production line, NC boring and milling machine and steel logistics. It has been one of key R&D enterprises of NC shearing slitting production line in China, with its products not only substitute imported products but also exported to South Korea, Japan, the US, Spain, etc. Academician Zhou Ji, President of China Academy of Engineering and President of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, visited the company twice and pointed out that “Digitization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing industry are the core technology of the new round of technological revolution, as well as the commanding elevation point, breaking through point and main direction of innovative drive, transforming and upgrade of manufacturing industry. Zhou Ji fully endorsed the company’s achievements, including staying ahead of other private enterprises in the fields of digitization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing industry, as a demonstrative enterprise in the innovative application of digital mechanic products.

This enterprise investigation is an important activity of professors and experts’ tour to enterprises, initiated by the Branch School of Industry and Business Management, and will have a long-run influence on the school’s strategy of Going out, going inside and going upward. In the future, we will hold similar activities to satisfy social needs and discover real problems in enterprises, leading to theoretical achievements combined closely with real life and increase of core competence of our school.