Special Presentation on Management and Enterprise Pattern of Academic Growth Path Series of Sub-School of Business Administration

From 2:00-4:00 pm April 7, 2015, organized by its Department of Graduate Management, the Sub-School of Business Administration held an academic lecture of Face to Face with Masters in Room SD611. Prof. Ken Kaneyama, President of Graduated School of Management of Obirin University of Japan, delivered a special presentation on Management and Enterprise Pattern. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Tang Fangcheng, Vice-President of Sub-School of Business Administration.

Prof. Ken Kaneyama started his presentation with the question of “What is Management Science”? He pointed out that management science belonged to the field of social science, which researched on structure of organization and principle of its action, based on common guidelines and sustainable facilities. His presentation was consisted of eight parts. At first, he made a brief introduction to concept and development of management, and compared management science with economics. He also compared management in Germany and in the United States, and based on their difference, he analyzed characteristics of management in Japan. Prof. Ken Kaneyama thought it was not scientific to call this field Economic Administration, which should have been called Management Administration, because the economy could not be administrated. Finally, he made some international comparisons of enterprise patterns in Japan and China, as well as of management patterns of Japanese enterprises. Especially, Prof. Ken Kaneyama introduced New Company Act of Japan and Chinese enterprise patterns by using vivid and clear pictures and tables.

Prof. Ken Kaneyama is the President and a master/doctoral tutor of Graduated School of Management of Obirin University of Japan. He holds concurrent posts of honorary members of council of Dalian Enterprise Administration Association and Entrepreneurs Association of China, visiting professor of Renmin University of China (Year 1997-2002), visiting professor of China Academy of Management Science, visiting professor of Shanghai Ocean University, Special Member of the System Integration Committee of the Japanese Government.

Master candidates, Ph. D candidates and some teachers of our school attended the lecture and made warm interactions on live. Prof. Ken Kaneyama answered questions from students and teachers with great patience and carefulness.
This lecture is one of the annual serial presentations of Academic Growth Path of Three Business Growth Paths, advocated by the Sub-School of Business Administration. The Three Business Growth Paths activities include Academic Growth Path, Vocational Growth Path and Entrepreneurship Growth Path. The Academic Growth Path invites high-level experienced scholars at home and abroad to give instructions for youth teachers and graduated students on publishing high-level academic papers and applying for high-level research projects like national science fund and national social science fund. The Vocational Growth Path invites professional managers who have grown fast to be successful to analyze their growth paths for the undergraduates, making them know themselves, know the society, demonstrate themselves, administrate themselves realize themselves. The Entrepreneurship Path invites successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship experts to give systematic presentations on how to succeed in managing enterprises, so as to inspire the undergraduates’ consciousness and enthusiasm on entrepreneurship and to strengthen their purposiveness and self-consciousness of learning.