Economics Discipline Training Base of Beijing Jiaotong University for China Air Express Ltd opens

On the morning of April 2, 2015, a training camp for economics discipline of Beijing Jiaotong University officially inaugurated at the headquarters of China Communications and Transportation Association, in the presence of the secretary general of CCTA Yang Hongyi, researcher Jin Mao, general manager of marketing department of China Air Express Zhang Zhipeng, deputy manager Wang Zi, secretary of department of economics of BJTU School of Economics and Management associate professor Li Hongchang and teacher Li Yunfei from the student affairs office of the School. 

Secretary General Yang Hongyi stressed that the development of transport industry calls for industry-academics-research collaboration in order to foster high-caliber talents with practical managerial capabilities and experience. General manager Zhang Zhipeng emphasized the need to look into the market for civil aviation express delivery and make China’s civil aviation and logistics industry more competitive, raising expectations for the first group of students to be trained at the base. Deputy manager Wang Zi explained the training process, contents and requirements. Associate professor Li Hongchang explained the discipline superiority of the School and how much the School’s leadership is supportive of professional practice of students. Teacher Li Yunfei expected trainee students to complete the practice session faithfully. Four of the first group of trainees, Liu Donghao, An Shiyu, Su Tingdong and Shi Yue, introduced themselves before the participants took group photos.