Special Report of the First Lecture of ¡°Silk Road Discourse¡± of BJTU Silk Road Research Center

On the morning of March 27, 2015, the Second Workshop of BJTU Silk Road Research Centerwas convened in DRC Culture Media Co., Ltd. (affiliated to Development Research Center of the State Council). Mr. Yang Zhanwu, chairman of Social Sciences Association of Ningxia Autonomous Region, was kindly invited for the workshop and also present at the workshop were Prof. Zhang Wensong, dean of Business Administration College, Prof. Yu Qing, dean of Tourism Department, Prof. Jing Zhucui of Department of Business Administration and Dr. Cheng Hui. It was one of the important activities under the theme “Enterprise Inspection Tour by Professors and Experts” advocated by Business Administration College.

Mr.Yang Zhanwu, currently chairman of Social Sciences Association of Ningxia Autonomous Region and a member of the standing committee of the 10th Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region CPPCC Committee, first of all, introduced the great opportunity brought by "One Belt and One Road” National Strategy to Ningxia, and also pointed out that Ningxia would focus on this national strategy in serving the construction of the new silk road economic belt and actively participate in the in the international division of labor of the new silk road economic belt, particularly building the service-oriented economic pattern; Prof. Zhang Wensong, director of BJTU Silk Road Research Center introduced that the center would conduct the long-term follow-up and research of the relevant issues related to “One Belt and One Road” to provide the intellectual support and development guidance to all governments of all levels, enterprises and social institutions in this region. Later, Board Chairman Bao Yueyang (a member of Academic Committee of Development Research Center of the State Council, president of China Development Press and China Development Observation Magazine, board chairman of DRC Culture Media Co., Ltd.) talked about a series work and the specific arrangement. The representatives from both sides shared the heated discussion of the further work and the development of the center, particularly including a series of important activities, say, the active participation in The China-Arab States Expo to be held in Ningxia, the quick transformation of the research results of the center into the research books, active building of special journal of Silk Road Research Center, Retrace of Silk Road, seminars to be held in the node cities along the silk road and “Silk Road Discourse”, etc. 

At 14£º30 p.m.-16£º30 p.m., BJTU Silk Road Research Center, School of Language and Communication and Business Administration College jointly held an academic lecture entitled "Face-to-Face Exchange with Masters" sponsored by Postgraduate Work Department at the Science Hall. Chairman Yang Zhanwu gave an academic report entitled “Mutual Integration and Benefit of Ethnic Culture along the Silk Road and its Modern Practical Value”. There were altogether 160-odd teachers and students from School of Language and Communication and Business Administration College listening attentively to the report which was presided over by Prof. Zhang Jinxin, associate dean of Business Administration College. Yan Wu’er, vice secretary of BJTU CPC Party Committee had an interview with Chairman Yang Zhanwu and they shared a warm discussion.  

Chairman Yang Zhanwu started his talk from the significance of “Economic Belt of New Silk Road”, mainly introducing the Silk Road and Hui Nationality, an ethnic minority developed along the Silk Road, pointing out that the Hui nationality Culture represents the combination of the Chinese culture and the Islamic culture and exerted the practical significance in the culture construction in our country of many ethnic groups; Later, he also introduced the important location occupied by Islam and the Islamic culture in countries and regions along the Silk Road as a vital link to facilitate the cultural exchange along the Silk Road. At last, he gave the detailed account of the construction of the New Silk Road, the humanistic advantages of Ningxia and Culture Capital.

Zhang Zhanwu, Hui Nationality, currently chairman of Social Sciences Association of Ningxia Autonomous Region and a member of the standing committee of the 10th Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region CPPCC Committee, concurrently serving as the postgraduate tutor of Ningxia University and Northwest University for Nationalities, mainly engaging the research of China-Arab History and Regional Economy, etc.

This lecture lasted 2 hours and Chairman Yang Zhanwu shared the interactive communication with the teachers and students, also answering the questions raised by teachers and students. The report was presented with the complicated theories delicately interpreted in the simply acceptable description and terms, highly imbued with the classic quotations and the detailed materials, thus having broadened knowledge and opened the mind of teachers and students of our school.

This report is the first lecture of the series of lectures entitled " Silk Road Discourse” of BJTU Silk Road Research Center as well as one of the annual series of reports entitled "Road for Academic Growth" out of "Road for Student Growth in three major sectors" highly recommended by Business Administration College, which consists of activities for "Road for Academic Growth", "Road for Career Growth" and "Road for Entrepreneurial Growth" initiated by Business Administration College. In view of "Road for Academic Growth", the well-experienced domestic and overseas high-end scholars are invited to guide the young teachers and postgraduates at our college to publish the high-level academic papers, apply for the high-level projects financially supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and National Social Science Fund, etc; in view of "Road for Career Growth", the professional managers who have gained the fast growth after their university graduation are invited to interpret and analyze the road for career growth for students of our college to facilitate them "to know themselves and the society, exhibit themselves, manage themselves for the self-growth"; In view of "Road for Entrepreneurial Growth", the successful entrepreneurs are invited to systematically interpret the way for successful business operation to stimulate the entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial passion of the university students and enhance their conscientious and purpose-oriented studies.