Catharina Miklin, International Project director of Business School, University of Gothenburg, visited our school

On March 26, 2015, Director Catharina Miklin and Responsible Leader of International Project of Business School, University of Gothenburg came over to our school. Prof. Zhang Li, Associate Dean of our school, and Associate Professor Lu Xiyan, director of International Exchange Center, gave the warm a warm reception to the visiting guests led by Ms. Catharina for a discussion. Ms. Catharina introduced the discipline layout and teaching resources, expressing that she hopes to conduct the in-depth exchange and cooperation for various student programs with our school. Prof. Zhang Li, Associate Dean of our school, expressed his great thanks to the visiting group led by Ms. Catharina and also introduced the talent cultivation and international development and building to the visiting guests. Both sides expressed their respective hopes to further conduct the exchange and cooperation in respect of the student programs to promote the extensive exchange among teachers and students on both sides.
Göteborgs universitet (GU) or University of Gothenburg, founded in 1891, is a comprehensive university in Gothenburg in Sweden and currently accommodates more 50,000 students on campus with the largest number of students in Scandinavia as well as one of the largest universities in Scandinavia. GU is also one of the universities in Sweden with the largest number of specialties, particularly 57 disciplines offered by 8 colleges, respectively Creative Art, Social Science, Natural Science, Humanities, Education, Information Technology, Business Economics and Law, Health Science. In 2000, Prof. Arvid Carlsson of this university was honorably awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine for his academic achievements in Neuropharmacology. School of Economics & Political Science of GU has obtained the dual certification of EQUIS and AMBA. Currently, our school has jointly conducted the undergraduate exchange program with GU, for which our school selects and dispatches two undergraduates for the exchange study for a semester at GU.