2015 Spring Student Sports Day Activity for MPAcc Center was successfully held

Spring is here and everything comes to life! With a view to strengthening the interactive exchange and communication among students, encouraging the students to do more exercise for better physical fitness, MPAcc Center of School of Economics and Management held 2015 Spring Student Sports Day Activity for MPAcc Center at East Playground on the afternoon of March 22, 2015. Li Yanmei, vice director of MPAcc Center, TeacherLi Wenxue and MPAcc candidates, Maud candidates, candidates of Master of Valuation in Grade 2013 and 2014 and students of Shandong Shouguang Training Class jointly attended this activity.
The Sports Day Activity was jointly sponsored byMPAcc Center and MPAcc Union, particularly focusing on the Friendly Basketball Match between Grade 2013 Student Team and Grade 2014 Student Team. In the match field payers from both teams tries to outdo each otherin tacit cooperation and good teamwork to demonstrate their spirituality of unity and ambition and courageous struggle. Outside of the match field, the cheerleaders waved the flag and shouted to cheer their team on, which heightened the active and zealous match atmosphere. So in the end, Grade 2013 Team beat Grade 2014 Team 66:45 and the match came to end against a harmonious and warm atmosphere.
After the match, all students gather together at RM 304 of East Siyuan Building to have a short summary of this activity and the awarding ceremony. First of all, Li Yanmei, vice director of MPAcc Center summing up this activity, giving full confirmation of the students’ love for sports and the class collective and good teamwork and better performance of the players in the hope that the MPAcc Center and MPAcc Union could make the joint efforts to better enrich the students’ life activities for the benefit of the students. Then, Teacher Li Wenxue from MPAcc Center presented the awards to the winning players and the students participating in this activity and also encouraged them for their spirituality of unity and ambition and courageous struggle. At last, students think that this activity is really meaningful and significant in hopes that more diversified student activities can be held in the near future to enrich the campus life of the students of MPAcc Center.