Lecture Series of Prof. Zhou Chen from Georgia Institute of Technology went on smoothly

At the invitation of Management Engineering College, Prof. Zhou Chen from Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of Georgia Institute of Technology started the lecture series entitled “Selection for Titles for Master and Ph.D Dissertations, Similarities and Differences of Contents and Instructions; Latest Scientific Research Results and Paper Publishing; Features of American Supply Chain” at 2:00 pm. July 2 in SD720. Present at the first lecture were 30 participants, including Secretary Zhou Jianqin of Management Engineering College, Prof. Ru Yihong and Prof. Mu Dong and postgraduates.  
Since Prof. Zhou Chen obtained his doctor's degree from Department of Industrial Engineering of Pennsylvania State University, he has engaged in teaching in Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of Georgia Institute of Technology, mainly involving such courses as Supply Chain Economics, Logistics, Production System, Warehousing System; his major research directions: Sustainable Global Supply Chain, Energy Efficiency of Transport and Food Demanded by Humans, design and analysis of the warehousing and distribution system, etc. 
In view of the selection of the Titles for Master and Ph.D Dissertations and all anxieties and problem in the research process,  Prof. Zhou Chen clearly pointed out in the simplistic and humorous language, in selecting a title for a dissertation, it is necessary to take into account the interest of the author toward the research question and the basic professional knowledge and research traits of the author with more attention paid to the realistic background and the far-reaching significance of the research problem; in view of the innovation of the dissertation, it is the effective approach to adopt the interdisciplinary open thinking and interdisciplinary research methods in the current period, but it is important to pay attention to the flexible approaches for different titles but concentrated essentials in the research process. Prof. Zhou called the attention to the daily extensive reading of the journals and magazines, books and materials in the relevant fields, the active participation into the relevant academic conferences or symposiums to broaden the research vision; it is necessary for the author to learn the high-quality literature search methods and keep a good habit of immediately sorting out the literature reading abstracts and summary to facilitate the fast identification of the hot topics and the latest viewpoints, correctly abstract the questions and effectively enhance the dissertation quality. In the lecture process, Prof. Zhou Chen listened attentively to the dissertation titles and major research contents of the postgraduates present at the lection and gave the necessary instructions to all questions, so the postgraduates benefited a lot from the lecture.
Prof. Zhou gave a detailed introduction of the latest results of “Energy Efficiency of Transport and Food Demanded by Humans”, thus having played an active role in expanding the research fields of our school and aroused the profound interest from the teachers and students present at the lecture. After the lecture, Prof. Mu Dong and Prof. Zhou shared the further exchange of ideas.
Time for 2nd Lecture of Prof. Zhou Chen’s Lecture Series: 2:00 pm. July 9; Place: SD720