Series of Report (2) for ICSSSM¡¯2014


ICSSSM’2014 was successfully held by International Center for Informatics Research Beijing Jiaotong University
(Series of Report (2) - Smooth Conference - 2014.6.26)
2014 11th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management -- ICSSSM 2014 was smoothly conducted under the sponsor of International Center for Informatics Research Beijing Jiaotong University at Beijing Friendship Hotel during June 25 to 27, 2014.
After the opening ceremony on the morning of June 25, the special reports were arranged for the conference. Reporters were respectively Prof. James M. Tien, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, Deam of Engineering College of University of Miami and Prof. Robin G. Qiu from Pennsylvania State University.
Academician Tien gave a report entitled “Big Data: A U. S. Perspective”, offering the latest ideas about Big Data. As is known to all, Big Data is currently the hottest topic, having attracted the extensive attention from the government, enterprises and the academic circle. Academician Tien, first of all, reported that the American government allocated amount to support the application and research of Big Date in such sectors as the service, manufacturing, building, agriculture and mining, etc. He pointed out, if no analysis is conducted, the data itself will be of no use and significance. However, if the in-depth analysis is given to the data, we can obtain more information and knowledge from it, Big Data will be of great significance in understanding the business value and the earth itself, solving the scientific and engineering problems and ensuring the national security management. Furthermore, Academician Tien remarked, we could use the quantity of the data to overcome the quality problem, use the cloud computing to overcome the limitation of the data availability, use the relevant analysis to replace the causal analysis, use the application driven by evidence to replace the application driven by models. Academician Tien expatiated on how the American government promoted the scientific development of Big Data, thus having aroused the extensive interest and the strong response from the scholars present at the conference. 
Prof. Robin G. Qiu gave priority to the latest understanding of the service science in his report. Prof. Qiu reviewed the history and development of service, pointing out that the real life is extensively involved with the service system and service network, and the latest concept of the service science can help the service suppliers correctly understand the market, design the service products and the communication network, effectively promote the service operation, control and management the life cycle of the service products, ultimately enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprises. His report triggered a heated debate among the participants at the conference.
On the afternoon of June 25, Prof. Julius Schlesinger and Michael Pinedo, dean of Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University delivered the keynote reports. Prof. Michael Pinedo’s title was “Scheduling in the Service Industrial: Theory and Applications”, focusing on the forward-looking research direction in the current service scheduling field and systematically comparing the models for the Scheduling problems and the difference of the solution methods in the service industry and the manufacturing industry and also giving priority to five model-building methods and the latest progress of the service operation Scheduling research. Prof. Pinedo is the top-notch scientist in the international Scheduling field. His report summarizes the relevant theories and methods related to the service operation management, providing the clear direction for the further research in this field and playing a positive role in promoting the research of China’s service operation and management, thus having aroused the extensive attention from all participates at the conference.
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