"2+2" Program Experience-sharing Meeting of School of Economics and Management worked out well

At 12:30 a.m. on May 26, 2014, School of Economics and Management International Exchange Center held “2+2” Program Experience-sharing Meeting, at which were present Gu Lin from International Exchange Center and Mr. Zhao Qun, class advisor of International Class, Chen Hanzhe attending University of Waterloo “2+2” Program, Wang Yiduan attending University of Cincinnati“2+2” Program and all students of 2012 and 2013 Grade International Classes.
At the experience-sharing meeting, Chen Hanzhe, first of all, introduced to the other students the basic information about University of Waterloo, particularly focusing on University of Waterloo “2+2” Program from the point of view of professionalism, life and future expectation. Then, Wang Yiduan elaborated onUniversity of Cincinnati“2+2” Program from the perspective of the campus environment, study life, extracurricular life and specialties, etc.
The last part of the experience-sharing meeting was the heated discussion and Q&A, so students raised questions to the two seniors from various angles, say, the instructions about accommodation, visa and study and obtained the satisfactory answers.
After this experience-sharing meeting, the majority of the students were reluctant to leave and continue to exchange ideas with the teachers from International Exchange Centers and the two seniors with great excitement and passion, so it follows that the “2+2” Program Experience-sharing Meeting turned out to be a great success.