Donation, learning and Investigation Activity of School of Economics and Management in Lankao County Proved Successful

During May 24- 25, 2014, Dean Zhang Qiusheng and Associate Dean Cui Yongmei from School of Economics and Management, Liu Jingli, Secretary of Youth League Committee and Feng Yao, Director of Social Service and Alumni Office paid a visit to Lankao County for the computer donation and learning and investigation activity together with 20-odd members of BJTU Alumni Association Financial Branch.
Donation Ceremony entitled “BJTU School of Economics and Management Joins Hands with Lankao to Light up the Hearts of Children” was held in Xihou Village Primary School, Sanyizhai Town, Lankao County. The donations from our school were 100 computers donated by the teachers. Yang Zhihai, Deputy County Chief of Lankao County was present at the ceremony and delivered a speech. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the caring donation from School of Economics and Management on behalf of the county in the hope that the donated school could positively improve their teaching conditions based on the donations to create a better learning environment for the students. Zhang Qiusheng introduced Beijing Jiaotong University in simply acceptable description, particularly concepts about finance in the hope that the students could pursue a assiduous study and get themselves admitted to the ideal universities to do whatever they can for their home town and also wished the primary school children a happy Children’s Day and a healthy and dynamic growth! The schoolmaster and student representative of the donated school conveyed their gratitude to School of Economics and Management for the generous donations and expressed their determination to effectively make use of the valuable resources for the positive actions in a bid to become the pillars of the state and society. The school’s simple and crude condition and the students’ thirst for knowledge deeply touched the guests present at the donation ceremony who expressed that they would continue their efforts to carry forward the affectionate  donation.
Later, the visiting guests paid a tribute to Jiao Yulu Memorial and looked back on the good deeds of Jiao Yulu who set us a good example for having united with the masses and boldly combated “Three Disasters” and his spiritual essences for love of the people, hard struggle, scientific integrity, powerful impetus and selfless devotion so that they could fully understand the essential points of President Xi Jinping's important speech while he conducted the field investigation in Lankao to guide the educational and practical activity. At the same time, the visiting guests also rehearsed and reviewed their oaths of joining the Party to further perceive the implicit significance of “coming from masses and coming back to the masses.
The next day, representatives from School of Econmics and Management and Finance Branch visited Lankao Industrial Cluster Area, particularly having the field inspection of two private enterprises, respectively Lankao Chunda Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Sen’erya Floor Co., Ltd.  the board chairmen from the two enterprises elaborated on the development of their companies, management models, basic properties of their products and marketing solutions. Alumni of School of Economics and Management and Finance Branch gave the face-to-face diagnosis of the actual problems of the enterprises by combining their abundant theoretical knowledge and practical experience and contributed their ingenious ideas to give impetus to the structural transformation of SMEs in Lankao and promote the local economic development.

The Lankao tour was buzzing with the warm atmosphere with a good response from all participants. School of Economics and Management combined its work with the actual situation to earnestly implement the call of President Xi about positively learning and carry forward the spirit of Jiao Yulu and also availed itself of this donation of 100 computers to establish the regular communication mechanism with the poverty-stricken primary school students, private enterprises and alumni to lay the solid foundation for the future donation for education, school-enterprise cooperation and alumni activities.