Dr. Julian Gaspar from Texas A&M University gave lessons to undergraduates

During May 23 to 27, 2014, Dr. Julian Gaspar fromTexas A&M University was kindly invited to visit our school. Prof. Gaspar gave a detailed introduction of the economic development status of major countries in Asia after the American financial crisis to undergraduates of Finance Department in our school, and also a profound account of the development of European Union (EU), the largest trade partner of China, which benefited the students a great deal. After the class, Prof. Gaspar shared a simply discussion with Prof. Ruan Jia of Finance Department of our school about the teaching models and Sino-American financial development, looking forward to have a deeper understanding of our school and China’s financial system.
Prof. Gaspar is the executive director of International Business Research Center, Texas A & M University and Assistant Professor of International Finance Department of College of Business, Texas A&M University, having engaged in the teaching and research for more than a decade with rich experience.
Texas A&M University, founded in 1976 and located in Texas College Station, has enjoyed a high reputation in the US and the world. Currently our school has signed the cooperation agreement with Texas A&M University so that our school can select and dispatch the teachers and students for the study tour in Texas A&M University, College of Business.