The Interview Video of Professor Liu Yisheng from School of Economics and Management Published on the Homepage of

On September 23, launched the video and text content of Professor Liu Yisheng's interview by Hardworking Chinese People program entitled with Liu Yisheng: Witnessing China Construction From Innovation to Flooding Your Screen" on its homepage. The link is


This year marks the Seventieth Anniversary of the founding of People¡¯s Republic of China, and is also the key year for building a well-off society in an all-round way. Taking this as an opportunity, launched a series of interviews entitled Hardworking Chinese People to explore ordinary people in China¡¯s development, to show their down-to-earth undertakings and actions in their respective posts, to tell the story of how they paint the new picture of this era, and to bless our motherland. The interviews were conducted in the form of video, combining the topics of the guests' own fields, personal growth experiences and achievements, and their thought and expectations for their fields. As one of the key plans of the National Day of in 2019, Hardworking Chinese People has been promoted synchronously in the key positions in and the People's Interview.