Fruitful Results Yielded by Cooperation Between the Transportation Economics and Management Research Team of the School of Economics and Management and Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) of the University of Leeds, UK.

In recent years, the transportation economics and management research team leading by Professor Wang Yacan from School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, has devoted to the frontier hot issues in the field of global urban transportation. The research team has developed in-depth cooperation with Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) of the University of Leeds, UK, a leading British university, on personnel training, academic exchanges and other issues which have yielded fruitful results. It has significantly improved the international level of talent cultivation and produced a wide range of international academic influence.


Professor Charisma Choudhury is tutoring our PHD students.


Professor Anthony May, academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering has been employed as a part-time professor of our school.

In terms of personnel training, the two sides have jointly trained international high-end talents, established an international academic exchange mechanism for postgraduate students and carried out joint degree training programs of double doctorates and double masters. At the same time, Professor Anthony May from Institute for Transport Studies of the University of Leeds and Professor Charisma Choudhury have been employed as a part-time professor of our school to provide academic and research guidance to students of the School of Economics and Management while maintaining a long-term cooperative relationship with the team. Moreover, Professor Anthony May has also been appointed as chief scientist of 111 Foreign Intellectual Intelligence Project in our university, and has been working with our research teams for more than three months every year.


In the field of scientific research, the project team has concisely summarized more than 10 research issues with ITS on urban transportation and transportation economy, jointly carried out academic cooperation and has been funded by seed funds to subsidize cooperation, research and exchange of visits between the two sides. Meanwhile, the project "Urban Public Management and Service Innovation: New Urban Mobile Management and Policy" (UPASS), jointly tendered by ITS, Vrije University Amsterdam and Transportation Economics and Management Research Team of Beijing Jiaotong University, was officially launched in March 2019. This project focuses on urban public management and governance, service innovation and policy, traffic modeling and optimization, and traffic behavior experiment. Related research have been carried out. Through traffic modeling of both cooperative cities and empirical studies, innovative ideas will sure be provided for the service and policy design of urban traffic, the design of new traffic experiment and the development of new traffic model.


Our team is visiting the University of Leeds


In December, 2018, Professor Antony May was giving a lecture at the Transportation Planning and Policy Development Seminar held by the School of Economics and Management.


In terms of academic exchanges, the two sides have jointly conducted a number of academic exchanges and international academic conferences. In 2018, professor Wang Yahuang and his team members were invited to visit ITS and had extensive exchanges on urban traffic and traffic economics with more than ten professors from ITS. Associate professor Xiao Lingling and professor Ronghui Liu from ITS had formed a long-term scientific cooperation. The paper written jointly by two professors was published in Transport Science, the top journal of traffic research.


As guest editors, professor Wang Yacan, associate professor Zhou Huiyu and professor Charisma Choudhury has jointly organized a special issue Emerging Issues in Sustainable Urban Transport: Behavioral Models and Experiments for SSCI journal for transportation research Transportation Research: Part F, Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, which is collecting papers in the whole world.


Professor Anthony May is giving a keynote speech in TSTE 2017.


Professor Shepherd is teaching students to use Konsult tool.


In November 2018, professor Anthony May from ITS, director Richard Batley, Dr. Andrew Smith, professor Daniel Johnson and professor Charisma Choudhury of Leeds University visited our university to carry out academic exchanges and cooperation. In October 2018, the 6th International Conference on Transport and Space-Time Economy Forum (TSTE 2018) was held in our university. International renowned scholars such as Anthony May from ITS, the University of Leeds and Simon Shepherd took part in the conference and organized symposiums on traffic management issues with our research team. In October 2019, the 7th International Conference on Transport and Space-Time Economy (TSTE 2019) will be held in our university. Professors from both sides will jointly organize a symposium on New Governance Model and Strategy in Urban Transportation. At present, ITS of the University of Leeds has contributed 9 articles to TSTE.