Beijing Jiaotong University Held the 6th International Conference on ¡°Transportation and Space-time Economics¡±

On the morning of October 13, the 6th International Conference on ¡°Transportation and Space-time Economics (TSTE 2018) was held in the Mechanical Engineering Building of Beijing Jiaotong University, hosted by the School of Economics and Management (SEM) of Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), co-hosted by Chongqing Jiaotong University, China Railway Society, Chinese Society of Technology Economics and World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS), and sponsored by Elsevier Group, Gaode Software Co., Ltd. and the National Social Science Major Project of High-speed Rail Economy. The conference lasted three days. The conference includes keynote speeches, sub-theme seminars, industry forums, WCTR seminars, training schools, and face-to-face communication of editors.

More than 100 experts and scholars attended the opening ceremony. They are: Yang Bin (Vice Mayor of Beijing), Chen Tian (deputy secretary general of the People¡¯s Government of Beijing City), Fang Ping (deputy party secretary and deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport), Lin Song (director of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Administration¡¯s Science and Information Department), Wen Huimin (Vice President of the Beijing Transport Institute), Li Kaimeng (deputy director of the Chinese Society of Technology and Economics), Wang De (Director of Editorial Department of Journal of Railway Society and Executive Editor of Journal of The China Railway Society), Professor Werner Rothengatter from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Professor Zhang Anmin from the University of British Columbia in Canada, Professor David Gillen, Professor Tae Hoon Oum, Professor Jiuh-Biing Sheu from National Taiwan University, Researcher Li Guoquan of the Japan Railway Technology Research Institute, Professor Xiaowen Fu from the University of Sydney in Australia, Professor Simon Shepherd from the Transport Research Center of the University of Leeds, Professor Achim Czerny from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Guenter Emberger and Professor Takeru Shibayama from Vienna University of Technology in Austria, Professor Ebru Ocalir-Akunal from University of Ghazi in Turkey, Guan Zhongliang (Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University), Cui Yongmei, Hua Guowei (Vice Dean of School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University), Professor Rong Chaohe, Professor Zhao Jian, Professor Wu Jianhong, Professor Lin Xiaoyan, Professor Li Wenxing, Professor Li Xuemei, Professor Wang Yacan, Associate Professor Li Hongchang, etc. More than 10 media attended the forum and gave an in-depth report, including Economic Information Daily of Xinhua News Agency, China Education News, China Science Daily, China Communications, China Daily, China Radio International Online, China Youth Network, China MBA Education Network, Tencent Education, Hexun Network and so on. The opening ceremony was hosted by Cui Yongmei.

                                                   Guan Zhongliang

                                             Fang Ping

                                       Cui Yongmei

On behalf of the organizers, Guan Zhongliang expressed warm welcome to the participants and introduced the development and scientific research achievements of Beijing Jiaotong University and the School of Economics and Management. Fang Ping expressed his congratulations on the this conference and gave a systematic introduction to Beijing¡¯s traffic development planning and key tasks.

                                                         Zhang Anmin

                                                                         Zhou Ya

                                                                  Dong Zhenning

Guan Zhongliang presented the appointment letter of Part-time Professor of Beijing Jiaotong University to Professor Zhang Anmin, Mr. Dong Zhenning (Vice President of Gaode Group), and Mr. Zhou Ya (Vice President of Mobike).

After that, more than ten experts from universities at home and abroad gave wonderful speeches on their respective fields of study. Professor Rong Chaohe gave a speech entitled ¡°The Relationship between Things and Information and the Economic Analysis of Time and Space of Internet Sharing Travel¡±, summarizing the characteristics and development conditions of economic time and space of Internet sharing travel. Professor Jiuh- Biing Sheu gave a speech entitled ¡°Cross - Governmental Policy Uncertainty and Power Asymmetry: Implications for Sustainable Value Chain Coordination in the Belt - and-Road Initiative Context¡±. Mr. Zhang Guohua from the National Development and Reform Commission¡¯s Urban Center for Land and Resources Transport Planning made a report on ¡°High Quality Development and Time Space Economy -- Industry, Transportation and Space¡± and proposed that China should establish the awareness of ¡°running ahead¡±in a new round of ¡°global competition¡±. Professor Werner Rothengather gave a speech on ¡°New Chances for Integrated Transport and Land Use Planning Introduced by the Diffusion of Automated Vehicles¡± and analyzed the close relationship between public transport and land resources. Professor Zhang Anmin gave a speech entitled ¡°Impact of High-Speed Rail on Airports¡± and shared his research results on urbanization and regional development. Professor Zhao Jian gave a speech entitled ¡°Institutional Barriers to the Joint Development of China¡¯s Transportation and Land¡±, emphasizing the important role of public transportation in the sustainable development of transportation.

In the keynote speech of the conference, Professor Tae Hoon Oum gave a speech entitled ¡°Effects of Open Skies Agreements on Bilateral Passenger Traffic and Int'l Services Trade: Application of Canada¡±, sharing the research results on the impact causes and expected results of airspace opening on service trade. Professor David Gillen conducted an analysis entitled ¡°Measuring Competition Intensity and Product Differentiation: Evidence From The Airline Industry¡±. Researcher Li Guoquan compared the status quo and challenges of railway freight transportation in the United States, Japan and China with the title of ¡°The Status Quo, Challenges and Reflections of World Rail and Road Transportation¡±. Professor Xiaowen Fu gave a speech entitled ¡°On-Time Performance of the Aviation Market in Mainland China -- An Economic and Policy Investigation¡±. Professor Wu Jianhong gave a speech entitled ¡°The Freight Transport Modal Shift Policy on China¡¯s Carbon Emission Reduction¡±.

The industry forums of this conference invited experts from transportation companies, transportation associations and experts at home and abroad. Besides, executives from well-known companies such as Amap, Mobike, Didachuxing, Guazi, and made speeches. The participants had a heated discussion on the issues of sustainable transportation and intelligent transportation. A new session of the WCTR special seminar was added, the topic of which was ¡°The Impact of New Travel Services on Communities and Regions¡±. In addition, a training school was specially set up at this conference, inviting top international scholars to teach the students and teachers the cutting-edge research issues and the latest research methods of transportation economics, which is of great significance to the development of urban transportation research.

With the aim of leading the development of transportation industry and serving the regional economy, the forum focused on sustainable urban transportation and conducted in-depth discussions on the impact of new travel modes, logistics innovation, regional transportation and land use, intelligent transportation technology, environmental and social factors on transportation and logistics. Well-known scholars on transportation research from the University of Minnesota, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Sydney, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuhan University of Technology, Beihang University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Chang¡¯an University and so on attended the conference. The excellent papers of the conference were recommended for publication in three SCI/SSCI international journals, and seven SCI/SSCI journals were agreed to be the conference-supported journals. Magazines such as ¡°Management World¡±, ¡°Social Sciences in China¡± and ¡°Journal of the China Railway Society¡± had also given some supports. This conference brought together industry elites to lead the development of the industry, providing an excellent development platform for the training of Chinese transportation talents and the progress of Chinese transportation research, and also providing strong technical support and talent support for China¡¯s ¡°Belt and Road Initiative¡±.

It is reported that the International Conference on Transportation and Space-time Economics has been held for five consecutive years. The conference has made in-depth theoretical and policy analysis in keeping with the characteristics of the times and has achieved extensive social impact.