Prof. Yi Zhihong, the EQUIS Accreditation Supervisor of SEM, Guided the Accreditation Work of SEM

On May 30, 2018, Prof. Yi Zhihong, EQUIS accreditation supervisor of SEM and professor of Renmin University of China, were invited to guide the accreditation work of SEM. Prof. Yi gave a lecture on issues incurred in the EQUIS Self Assessment Report and Student Report, and attended the seminar on the EQUIS accreditation follow-up work and problems with leaders of SEM. Deputy Dean, Hua Guowei, presided over the lecture and more than 50 faculty, administration staff and students participated. Dean, Zhang Qiusheng, Deputy Deans, Shi Xianliang, Zhang Li, Hua Guowei, Director of the Dean¡¯s Office, Wang Ying and staff of the International Accreditation and Strategic Planning Office attended the seminar.


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Prof. Yi combined the requirements of EQUIS accreditation and corresponding experience of Renmin University of China and explained in detail the issues and points in the writing of Student Report and related contents on students, faculty, scientific research, corporate cooperation, ERS, etc. According to Prof. Yi, the core of the EQUIS Self Evaluation Report is to demonstrate information of ¡°already done¡± and ¡°should be done¡±; and in the practical implementation process, the School should strive to achieve overall improvement in accordance with ¡°should be done¡±. A deep discussion was conducted on issues of school-enterprise international cooperation, international student exchanges, the international achievements of scientific research, the existing problems in the Weihai Campus, and the future development. And Prof. Yi gave a promotion plan and suggestions considering the features and actual development of SEM.