On the Morning Commute Problem with Carpooling Behavior Under Parking Space Constraint

The paper ¡°On the morning commute problem with carpooling behavior under parking space constraint¡± completed by Associate Professor Xiao Lingling and his team was published in Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, a four-star periodical in the AJG2015 (formerly ABS) list. The paper states commuter carpooling behaviors could ease the problems such as traffic jams, traffic pollution, and traffic control inconvenience. Based on behavioral economics theory, the paper establishes a morning rush hour commuting equilibrium model and a system optimal model for a single point of transportation system with multiple modes. It analyzes the operation mechanism of commuters¡¯ behavior selection from a microscopic perspective. From the macro level, the number of parking spaces was optimized, inducing the traffic demand and alleviating traffic congestion, which maximizes social benefits.