Prof. Song Shouxin from our school attended the experts and scholars symposium of Beijing municipal government and delivered a speech

On the afternoon of March 26th, Beijing municipal government invited experts and scholars to a symposium and listen to suggestions on ˇ°preventing and resolving major risksˇ±. Municipal Party Committee Secretary Cai Qi hosted the symposium and delivered a speech. Chen Jining, deputy secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Li Wei, the director of Municipal People's Congress standing committee, and Ji Lin, Chairman of Municipal CPPCC, attended the meeting. Song Shouxin, a Prof. from School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University, attended the meeting as an expert representative. He spoke on ˇ°multiple measures and efforts to enhance the emergency evacuation efficiency of subway passengers.ˇ± He affirmed the powerful measures taken by the Beijing subway to prevent fires and terrorist attacks, analyzed the reasons for the difficulty of subway evacuation and proposed solutions to solve the evacuation of subway passengers. He said the work can be carried on based on the idea of saving time, space expansion, smooth information, and strong motivation.