First Special Mutual Selection for School of Economics and Management & Promotion for MBA High-end Talents was successfully held

On the afternoon April 25, First Special Mutual Selection for School of Economics and Management & Promotion for MBA High-end Talents were jointly sponsored by School of Economics and Management, Enrollment and Employment Office and at Multi-purpose Hall of Student Activity Center.

This year, the total graduates from School of Economics and Management will reach 1150 persons, including 730-odd postgraduates. As the graduates from Economics and Management specialties is widely scattered in terms of the post demand and against the backdrop of the slowdown of the economic growth, the managing posts for universal type can be easily reduced or supplemented by the internal transfers, so the prospect for the overall employment remains rather bleak.

With a view to better serving the graduates from School of Economics and Management and alleviating the employment pressures, the school and, through repeated consultations, screened out 40-odd employers for this Special Mutual Selection, mainly involving the state-owned enterprises, public institutions,research institutions and the new-type technological private enterprises with more than 320 job offers covering such sectors as the insurance, public media, Aerospace Information, consultation, logistics, education training, IT and petroleum gas, etc. The specialties related to the offered jobs involve all disciplines and specialties of our school, particularly Accounting, Economics, Business Management, Logistics Management and Business Administration, etc.

Prior to the activity, Associated Dean Cui Yongmei called together many departments and offices, say, Graduate Work Group, Social Service and Alumni Office, counselors in charge of undergraduate classes, MBA Association and Postgraduate Association, etc., for a coordination meeting and the Special Work Group was thus set up, requiring all departments and offices to make the concerted efforts to effectively serve the employers and the graduates. The Work Group edited the employers’ profiles and the recruitment information into the special journal and uploaded the school website and the Postgraduate WeChat Platform to facilitate the graduates to opt for their favorite employers in advance to enhance the site job seeking pertinence and efficiency.

At 13:30, the Special Mutual Selection got started. Students came over to the Student Activity Center and walked into the recruitment site under the instruction from the working staff, where they had the face-to-face exchange and interactive communication with the employers. The students rubbed elbows with each other, adding luster to the site atmosphere. Many employers drew the strong attention from the graduates. Many graduates waited in a continuous line in front of the recruitment outlets of many attractive enterprises, particularly AISINO CO., LTD. and China Paper Equipment Corporation, etc.     

With a view to earnestly implementing the work guideline featuring “In-depth guidance, considerate service and profound expansion” for this year’s graduates, the school has availed itself of the excellent alumni and the relevant enterprise resources and such platforms as “Postgraduate Employment Service Station”, etc, the school invited the HR experts from various employers for many employment coaching lectures, aiming at assisting graduates in enhancing their employment qualities and capabilities in all aspects to achieve the successful employment with the satisfactory jobs.