Prof. Yang Zaili from Liverpool John Moores University visited our school


On March 31, 2014, Prof. Yang Zaili from Liverpool John Moores University paid an exchange visit to our school. Shi Xianliang, associate dean and Professor of our school, Prof. Zhang Runtong, Prof. Zhang Juliang, and Associate professor Chang Dan jointly gave the warm welcome to Prof. Yang and shared an in-depth exchange with him.
Liverpool John Moores University can trace back to 1823 when Liverpool Businessman and Apprentice Library was built. In 1970 many other colleges in Liverpool were merged into Liverpool Institute of Technology. In 1992 Liverpool John Moores University was founded with the Royal Authorization.
Prof. Yang Zaili is in charge of “EC-ChiNa Research Network on Integrated Container Supply Chains-ENRICH” under FP7 -Marie Curie Fellowship-IIF. Our school is one of the cooperators for this project, and will conduct the closer cooperative exchange with 7 schools and research institutes from England, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and China, etc. under the project framework and undertake the sub-project entitled “Use of ICT to enable the integration of CSCs”, which was officially initiated in October 2013 for a research period of 4 years, during which the project members will conduct the closer exchange and cooperation. The research team from our school will conduct the research of relevant contents related to the purpose, process and mechanism of the information communication between different transport models and transport organizations based on the theories and methods for information collection, disposal, communication and knowledge discovery of the container integration related to RFID and promising ICT technology and also based on RFID Container Supply Chain Risk Management, etc.
At the exchange meeting, the working staff from both sides conducted the profound discussion from many aspects, particularly involving the staff exchange, joint cultivation, cooperative research and discipline development, etc., particularly exchanging many valuable proposals and comments about the further research and cooperation in ENRICH Project, thus having reached the consensus. With the further promotion and cooperation of this project, our school will dispatch teachers and students to the project cooperative colleges and universities and research institutes for the exchange visits, and other participants will also dispatch their teachers and students to our school for the cooperative exchange, which will exert the positive impact on the project development, international exchange and cooperation and discipline development, etc.