Series of Activities ¡°Employment Service Station¡± for Postgraduates from School of Economics and Management ¨C How to become a favorite candidate to HR

On the night of March 19, the activity entitled “one in a Hundred” under series of activities “Employment Service Station” for Postgraduates frompostgraduates of School of Economics and Management was grandly held At RM 821 in East Siyuan Building.

Five excellent schoolfellows engaged in the HR work were kindly invited for this activity, respectively including Wang Yang from Kerry Logistics Network Limited, Cui Jiwei from a central foreign trade company, Ren Qian from Research Centre for Rural Economy under Ministry of Agriculture, Xu Huanghua from Red Bull Vitamin Drink Co., Ltd., and Ma Mingyue from Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China , Ltd. They gave the overall analysis of what behaviors would be the extra marks to the job interview and what kind of job-seekers could most attract HR from the perspective of their specific corporate situations. Postgraduates and undergraduates from School of Economics and Management attended the activity.

First of all, 5 HRs introduced their industries, their enterprise features and the talent demand types at the activity. Then, the guests commented on and summarized the do's and don'tsin the resume and interview preparation and also clearly pointed out the peculiar screening of the keywords for the talents needed by their different sectors and graduates should fully understand the relevant industry, the enterprise and the specific position before going through the written exam and the interview so as to have the pertinent target in the employment process. They also analyzed the screening of the personal resume and the problems worthy of attention in the interview by combining their abovementioned viewpoints with the typical cases. In the last interactive exchange, the students gave their questions related to their own situations; the guests answered such questions with their own experience as “How to perform most appropriately in the group discussion without a leader?” “Does the specialty play a key role in seeking the suitable job?” and “Which is the priority, the practical experience or certificates?” etc. In the face-to-face exchange and communication, students listened carefully to the comments and proposals given by the guests and were active in raising questions, thus having a comparatively clear awareness as to such problems as “what talents enterprises really need”, “how the students on campus enhance their qualities” and “how postgraduates can improve their abilities in preparing their resumes and interviews”, etc.

2014 will see 730-odd postgraduates leaving our school and there are 7.27 million graduates nationwide, so there is one graduate from our school out of each 10,000 graduates; There are roughly 79,000 postgraduates in Beijing City into the labor market, so there is one graduate from our school out of each 100 graduates, so we are faced with an enormous task. In this regard, the Postgraduate Work Group of our school organized series of activities “Employment Service Station” in a bid to assist the postgraduates get more information related to the various industries, enterprises and specific positions, enhance the comprehensive qualities of the postgraduates so that they can improve their employment competitiveness in all aspects.  In the future, the Postgraduate Work Group of our school will continue to sponsor the relevant activities and try to build more learning platforms to the ideal jobs.