Carbon-rich Farming Research Center of School of Economics and Management

On March 17, Carbon-rich Farming Research Center of School of Economics and Management was officially established. Zhang Qiusheng and Yuan Donglai were appointed respectively as director and deputy director. 

This research center is affiliated to School of Economics and Management, inviting the well-known institutions and experts engaged in the carbon-rich farming research as the council members and deputy directors and attracting teachers related to applied economics, Business Administration and Management Science and engineering disciplines from School of Economics and Management and the relevant research forces to participate in the relevant research of the agriculture and low-carbon fields to engage in the research of the technical and economic parameters and technical and economic feasibility and industrial policy to promote China’s development of the carbon-rich farming.

Carbon-rich farming is an innovative philosophy and model to with the excessive carbon dioxide in the industry widely applied in the farm production. Carbon-rich farming can not only facilitate a big boost in output, providing more food supply but also consume the carbon dioxide and gradually mitigate the pressure of the carbon emission in the industrial sectors so as to effectively improve our ecological environment. The approaches for us to promote the carbon-rich farming are to promote the labor technical demands of the carbon-rich farming and building the technical promotion organizations. The development of the carbon-rich farming calls for the integration of the carbon technology and light energy technology and it is necessary to conduct the techno-economic feasibility study and work out the necessary industrial policy based on the experiment, mainly focusing on the major issues related to the national economic society and industrial development and considerably increase the application of our school’s research results related to the industrial economics and technical economy, etc., and at the same time it is necessary to conduct the international cooperation projects with our school in the agriculture and other relevant fields to cater to the philosophy of Carbon-rich Farming Research Center of School of Economics and Management.

The establishment of this research center is supposed to play a positive role in promoting the research of carbon-rich farming and effectively integrate the new village building with the new-type urbanization as it will pave a way for the elimination of the economic, environmental and social comprehensive crises.