Dr. Nancy Johnson, Director of International Affairs of University of Kentucky-Business School visits our school

On March 31, 2014 Dr. Nancy Johnson, Director of International Affairs of University of Kentucky-Business School visits our school. Zhang Li, Associate dean of our school and Lu Xiyan, director of International Exchange Center gave the joint welcome to Dr. Johnson and conducted the profound discussion to strongly promote the relevant cooperation matters.

In addition, Dr. Johnson presented a teach-in to the undergraduates in Grade 2012 and 2013 concerning the Undergraduate Joint Cultivation 2+2 Program between Beijing Jiaotong University and University of Kentucky, focusing on the natural environment and humanistic environment of Lexington City as well as the teaching philosophy, discipline setting of University of Kentucky, particularly the basic information about the American business schools. After the teach-in, the students raised questions about the academic pursuit in North America and the future employment, etc., Dr. Johnson gave them the satisfactory answers.

University of Kentucky-Business School has forged the long-term closer academic exchange and cooperation with our school. Most importantly, our school dispatches undergraduates to University of Kentucky for the 2+2 Joint Cultivation International Exchange Program each year. In the fall of 2014, our school is scheduled to dispatch more undergraduates to attend the program who may obtain the dual bachelor degree jointly granted by University of Kentucky and Beijing Jiaotong University after smoothly fulfilling their academic pursuit. University of Kentucky is a well-established public university with a history for more than 100 years, highly boasting the pleasant environment and attracting scenery coupled with the complete teaching and research facilities. The students’ dorm buildings are clean, comfortable and well-equipped. The newly-built William T. Young Library is the research-oriented library up to the world advanced level, ranking second to Harvard University Library in the USA in terms of the collection quantity.

University of Kentucky is one of the well-known comprehensive universities in the USA, having created the unique learning atmosphere for the students and teachers and enjoyed the extremely higher reputation in the academic research, scholarship and cooperative education programs. University of Kentucky has been highly recognized for its all-dimensional educational philosophies, say, the academic research, heuristic education, social practice, teaching plans closely combining theories with practice and interdisciplinary and international exchange, etc.