"Technical Economics" authorized by Academician Xu Shoubo wins the 3rd Chinese Government Award for Publishing Award Nomination

The 3rd Chinese Government Award was newly unveiled involving awards honorably presented to 70 individuals, 50 units and 116 publications. "Technical Economics"(Fifth Edition, Beijing: Economic Science Press, 2011.8) authorized by Academician Xu Shoubo from our school won the 3rd Chinese Government Award for Publishing Award Nomination, and the previous award winners include such famous Chinese scholars as Li Yining, Xiao Zhuoji, Yuan Guiren, Xu Qingrui and Pan Yunhe, etc.  

The Chinese Government Award for Publishing is the highest award in the Chinese news publishing sector, once every three years, aiming at commending and rewarding the excellent domestic publications and individuals, particularly having exerted the comparatively higher reputation and branding effect in the discipline field, the corresponding industry and even in the whole country and having made the comparatively greater contributions in disseminating and accumulating the science and technology and cultural knowledge and in promoting the economic development and social progress with the most important ideological value, scientific value or the culture and art value. The first two sessions were officially unveiled with awards presented in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

Academician Xu Shoubo is the well-accepted founder and pioneer of China’s Technical Economics discipline as well as one of major trailblazers and funders of China Integrated Energy Engineering. In 1980s, Academician Xu applied the theory and methods of Technical Economics and made the outstanding contribution in providing the important scientific foundation for the grand strategic decision made by the second generation of central government leaders highly featuring"Doubling of energy consumption guarantees quadrupling of GDP ".  "Technical Economics” (Fifth Edition, 2011) published by Economic Science Press reviews and streamlines the development of China Technical Economics in the recent 50 years, particularly by integrating the innovative results and achievements the energy technical economics, logistics technical economics, soft technical economics and the basic theory and methods of Technical Economics. The honor for winning the 3rd Chinese Government Award for Publishing Award Nomination is not only a repeated credit to the original disciplinary status of Academician Xu Shoubo’s "Technical Economics" but also of the great significance in better promoting the socioeconomic development of "Technical Economics" in the New Era.