School of Economics and Management signed Postgraduate Practice Education Base Agreement with CCID Consulting Co., Ltd.

On December 20, School of Economics and Management entered into the strategic cooperation framework and postgraduate practice education base agreement with CCID Consulting Co., Ltd.Cui Yongmei, Vice Party Commission Secretary and associate dean of School of Economics and Management, and Sun Huifeng, deputy CEO of CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., signed the agreement their respective parties. Present at the signing ceremony and Career Talk were Counselor Song Guangsen and Tan Jie from School of Economics and Management, Ms. Li Shuang, Director of Human Resources Department, Mr. Luo Feng, director of Guizhou Representative Office of CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., and 30-odd postgraduates from School of Economics and Management.

Sun Huifeng presented an overall introduction of CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., focusing on its cultural building, service contents, service targets, service industries, and also highlighting its employees’ career development path and position promotion channels and the requirements for recruiting professionals by proceeding from the corporate structural organization and its business development demands.

Luo feng, as a previous postgraduate of School of Economics and Management, shared his own work experience and career growth in the past three years based on his application and recruitment into CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. In his opinion, postgraduates from School of Economics and Management have the well-founded basic knowledge, practical work attitude and the painstaking spirit, so as long as they can work down to earth at their work positions, they are sure to find their niche with opportunities for promotion and at the same time, he reminds the students of the due prudence in selecting a job, particularly the industry of the growing period where they can accumulate the knowledge for their benefit as they should be more concerned about its long-range development instead of the short-lived interest.

Li Shuang made a point of the recruitment of interns, pointing out the internship and employment at CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., have three major harvests for the students: first, to obtain the opportunity to have the direct dialog with the government senior officials and the enterprise top management; second, to enhance their capabilities to summarize the work experience for further development to become the excellent media writers and contributors; third, to work together with the excellent team members to pool their respective ideas to expand their thinking abilities.

Later, CCID Consulting’s Career Talk for recruiting interns was arranged to attract many postgraduates to submit their CVs. In the interaction period of the career talk, many postgraduates were active to raise their questions involving the recruitment posts and the details about the internship, which was patiently answered from CCID Consulting Co., Ltd.

Cui Yongmei made the summing-up speech, expressing her full confidence in the teaching, scientific research and talent training and cultivation jointly conducted by School of Economics and Management and CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., and strongly believing that the in-depth cooperation between both sides will contribute to the improvement of their respective competitiveness to better cater to the demands of the social development. At the same time, she emphasizes that the school sets great store by the academic pursuit and career development for postgraduates and the postgraduates are supposed to dexterously figure out and follow the regularities of their research targets in a bid to enhance their capabilities in interpersonal communication and the written expressions and lay the solid foundation for their future career quality. She continued, the school will conduct the practical operations with more excellent enterprises to jointly build the internship practice education bases to enhance the postgraduates’ comprehensive qualities and job-seeking competitiveness.
Profile of CCID Consulting Co., Ltd.  
CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. is the first Hong Kong-listed company from Mainland China, as a modern consulting enterprise having taken the lead in passing the international and national quality management system (ISO9001) certification as well as a CCID (China Center for Information Industry Development) directly affiliated to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Currently the company is headquartered in Beijing, holding and controlling five subsidiaries, particularly CCID Design, CCID Consulting and CCID Supervision, etc., and many branches scattered in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, etc., with more than 300 professional consultants, with its business network covering more than 200 large and medium-size cities.