Delegation from University of Cincinnati, Lindner College of Business, visited our school

On December 2013, academic director and Prof. Larry Gales of Larry Gales of International program University of Cincinnati, Lindner College of Business, Prof. Michael Neugent and director of Finance Department and Rufan Li, an assistant of postgraduate director, came to our school for a visit. Associate dean Zhang Li of our school and Lu Xiyan, director of International Exchange Center joined the visiting guest for a senimar, discussing the Undergraduate 2+2 Program Master Degree 1+1 Program Undergraduate Recommended Master Degree Program and other international cooperation program. 
Later,  Prof. Larry Gales. Prof. Michael Neugent and Rufan Li respectively lectured on the joint cultivation undergraduate 2+2 program and Master Degree 1+1, and other programs with University of Cincinnati, introducing the natural environment and humanistic environment of Cincinnati City, publicizing the teaching philosophy of University of Cincinnati, discipline setting and also highlighting the situations of American business schools, and the financial and economic sectors in North America. After the Career Talk, students raised questions about the further academic pursuit and employment in North America, to which Prof. Larry Gales and Prof. Michael Neugent gave the detailed answers one by one.
University of Cincinnati, Lindner College of Business has long established the closer academic exchange and cooperation with our school. Our school dispatches the students for the postgraduate 2+2 joint cultivation program and the master candidates for the Master Degree 1+1 international exchange programs with University of Cincinnati. In the fall of 2014, our school is scheduled to dispatch undergraduates for postgraduate 2+2 joint cultivation program and the for the Master Degree Program jointly launched by University of Cincinnati and BJTU after they complete their academic studies.  
University of Cincinnati is a prestigious public university with a history of 200 years and is rated as the best public university in the Midwest America by Princeton Review. "Forbes" Magazine appraises the campus of University of Cincinnati as one of the most beautiful campus in the world. As one of the famous comprehensive universities in the US, University of Cincinnati has created the unique learning atmosphere for the faculties and students, thus having won the extremely higher reputation in the fields of academic research, scholarship system and cooperative education. Its comprehensive educational philosophies, mainly involving the academic research, heuristic education, social practice, teaching plan closely combining theory with practice, interdisciplinary and international exchange, have been universally recognized and accepted.