Series of Activities entitled ¡°Employment Service Station¡± conducted by School of Economics and Management

On December 10-11, postgraduates from School of Economics and Management had the series of“Employment Service Station” special themelectures, say, “Schoolfellows coming back to School” and “Professional Career”  respectively at Lizhi Hall and Chuangxin Hall of Xueyuan Apartment Postgraduate Activity Center. The lecturers were Jiang Yan, a schoolfellow from Talents College of China North Industries Group Corporation, Yan Bingxiang, a senior manager, and Zeng Jie from Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Nearly 100 postgraduates of School of Economics and Management enthusiastically attended the series of lectures, which were presided over by Tan Jie, a teacher of our school.

Jiang Yan introduced the standards and work scope of talents selected and recruited by central enterprises, pointing out that the comprehensive qualities are the essentials for the modern graduates in the competitive career market, but the comprehensive qualities should be gradually enhanced through the daily studies and work, which can not be attained at one go. She also emphasized that job interviews were the Achilles’ heel for most graduates, so the interview responses and skills necessitate the daily practice and continuous improvement. She analyzed the reasons for the interview success and failures based on her experience of interviews of many large enterprises, thus encouraging students to understand the demands of the employers through all channels as soon as possible under the premises of ensuring the accomplishment of their academic tasks so that they can prepare themselves well enough to hit the nail on the head upon graduation. At last, she collected the resumes or CVs from the postgraduates of our school on behalf of Talents College of China North Industries Group Corporation and also put forward her proposals and comments on problems of the students’ resume or CVs. 

Yang Bingxiang, first of all, kindly asked the students to write down their anxieties and problems thus encountered in seeking a job, or related to the future employment and life. The students raised such questions as “How to stand out as a successful competitor at job”, “How can a female clerk distinguish herself at work”, “Is internship necessary for us”, etc., so he gave them the wonderful and satisfactory answers to their questions by combining his own work experience. Later, in view of the professional concept, spirit, mentality, skills, images and qualities, he introduced the ways as to how to transform ourselves from students into the professional talents at work. Zeng Jie introduced her feelings about her academic exchange and work experience in Taiwan and all possible efficient approaches to communicate with customers, which brought it home to the students her perseverance, assiduous diligence and sincerity at work. 

The Q&A process for each theme lectures was full of enthusiasm from the students and the VIP lecturers tried to answer patiently and completely the questions encountered and raised by students in seeking a job and also gave the pertinent suggestions to certain individual questions, so the students benefited considerably from the lectures. Through the series of lectures, students obtained the career-related knowledge and skills which can deepen their career ideas and lay the necessary knowledge for them to identify their jobs. School of Economics and Management will continue to conduct series of lectures entitled “Employment Service Station” and take the efficient and beneficial measures to promote the employment of the postgraduates and assist them to map out their career blueprints in advance and offer them the overall guidance and assistance to boost them for the fast growth as the future career talents