Wu Yong from Science and Technology Division of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development was kindly invited for joining ˇ°Master Face-to-Face Forumˇ±

On the afternoon of December 3, 2013,“Master Face-to-Face Forum” hosted by Postgraduate Work Department and undertaken by School of Economics and Management was convened at RM 821 in East Siyuan Building, Wu Yong, an inspector of Science and Technology Division of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development was kindly invited for joining “Master Face-to-Face Forum” gave a wonderful report entitled “Developing Green and Ecological Urban Areas—Promoting the Greening Scheduling of New-style Urbanization”. 100-odd postgraduates from our school attended this master forum and this report activity was presided over by Prof. Liu Yisheng, the dean of Engineering Management Department.

First of all, Wu Yong focused on how to discover problems and set off the corresponding thinking. He introduced the details about the fencing of Engineering Construction Site of Oxford University to interpret the combination of the engineering construction and the civilization; By using the major domestic residential dismantling and construction cases and foreign classic engineering construction cases, he emphasized the importance of the “engineering construction for the benefit of the coming generations”. Through the easily acceptable interpretation, he pointed out all participants should cultivate a “race-to-the-top” mentality to conduct the profound thinking and innovation from many different links, say, the design, implementation and supervision of the relevant systems. Later he concentrated on the development targets of the “intensive, intelligent and low-carbon” urbanization by combining the overall new situations of the new-style industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization under the current period in China for a detailed interpretation. He also emphasized China’s green and ecological urban area construction by introducing such concepts as ecology, greening and low carbon, and on that basis, he presented the detailed interpretation of the four major construction steps, namely the construction of the baseline—Indicator guidance—Greening planning—Earnest implementation coupled with the theories and methods and the vivid case illustration. This lecture activity was really a good chance for students to benefit substantially. 

Brief Introduction of Mr. Wu Yong
Wu Yong has long been engaged into the policy research in such fields as China’s urban traffic, construction energy-saving, environment and sustainable development, etc., and has successively participated in or presided over many national technical policy formulation, organized in drafting the “Eighth-five Year” and “Ninth-Five Year” long and medium-term development plans and implementation plans for the municipal engineering and public utilities. He is also in charge of the preparation of the Architectural energy-saving engineering implementations solutions and the Architectural energy-saving long and medium-term development plans for the national two major key energy-saving engineering projects as well as the drafting and formulation of “Architectural Energy Saving Management Regulations” and the research work related to the Energy Efficient and Land Saving construction economy. He was the editor-in-chief of many professional research books, such as, “China’s Architectural Energy-saving Economic Incentive Policy Research”, “Research on Innovation of China’s Architectural Energy-saving Management System”, “Architectural Energy-saving” and “Architectural Energy-saving Technology”, etc.