Dr. Dt Ogilvie, Dean of Saunders College of Business of Rochester Institute of Technology £¨RIT£©visited our school

On December 4, 2013, Dr. Dt Ogilvie, a professor of Business Strategy and Dean of Saunders  College of Business  of  Rochester Institute of Technology £¨RIT£© visited our school. President Ning Bin had an interview with Dr. Dt Ogilvie at Meeting Room No. 613 of Siyuan Building. Both sides enjoyed a discussion over the cooperation model, specialty setting and recruitment scale for joint education programs. Deputy President Liu Jun was present at the interview.

Ning Bin gave the warm welcome to Dr. Dt Ogilvie for his visit by remarking that our School of Economics and Management conducted the cooperation with RIT for the faculty exchange, student exchange and joint education programs, which has greatly promoted the bilateral communication and exchange. He hoped that both universities would deepen their cooperation based on this for co-applying for the establishment of Sino-foreign educational institutions to further deepen the communication and contact between the two universities, provide Chinese and foreign students with the high-quality higher education and cultivate the excellent talents with the international vision and foresight.

Dr. Dt Ogilvie conveyed a message to President Ning Bin from Mr. William W. Destler, president of RIT and also delightedly read the greeting letter from Mr. William W. Destler. In this letter, Mr. William W. Destler expressed his strong intention to strengthen cooperation for the joint education programs with BJTU and believed that with the joint efforts by both university, such joint programs would bear fruits. At the same time, he sincerely invited Ning Bin and his colleagues could visit RIT to deepen the bilateral communication. 

Director Zhang Zhenji of Planning and Financial Department, Director Xu Yugong and Deputy director Dong Hairong of International Cooperation Department, associate dean Zhang Li of School of Economics and Management, Director Li Menggang of China Center for Industrial Security Research (CCISR) and other responsible persons from the relevant departments and organizations were honorably present at the interview.

After the interview, Dr. Dt Ogilvie delivered a lecture entitled “Role of Universities in the Technology Commercialization” at School of Economics and Management and also shared a cordial exchange with students intended to attend RIT2+2 Program and patiently answered the questions raised by the students.

In the lecture Dr. Dt Ogilvie started from the business value of a creative point to analyze the entire process from the acquisition of a creation inspiration to the organization of the business start-up team, raising business capital to putting the entrepreneurial plan into practice, so that every participants at the lecture was clearly aware that the students majoring at Business Discipline will play a vital role in transforming an idea into an investment company in terms of the technical innovation, so all kinds of interesting questions and team tasks would enlighten students for active thinking and expend their imagination. Positively stimulated by the professor’s lecture, the participants were actively involved in answering questions, so the participants enjoyed an active and joyful atmosphere.

Dr. Dt Ogilvie was once the professor of School of Business Strategy and City Business Startup of RIT and her research orientation includes the strategic policy and creativity; enhancing the corporate application and the battlefield decision and application complicated theoretical strategies and creativity; administrative leading strategy of diversified culture female supervisors; Appraisal Environment Dimension; Awareness and Strategic decision for the 21st century strategic thought; City business startup and economic development. She obtained her master's degree from Southern Methodist University (SMU). In 1994, she obtained her Ph. D from University of Texas at Austin. Currently, she is a professor of Business Strategy and Dean of Saunders  College of Business  of  Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). At the same time, Dr. Dt Ogilvie is a member of the International Consulting Committee of our school.

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is a private university located in Rochester City, New York State. RIT was founded in 1829, covering a land area of 1900 acres, currently accommodates approximately 15,000 undergraduates and 2,900 postgraduates, and most importantly it ranks the 10th among all private universities in America. According to the latest Lease of 2014 U.S. News Ranking, RIT ranks 7th among the university in Northern America . It ranks Top Ten, 65th and 72nd in terms of the arts, engineering and business disciplines. The school boasts the largest Industry-learning-integrated education system in the USA, supplying more than 3,500 students for the full-time co-op program internship at 2,000 cooperative enterprises in the USA.