"MARUWA Scholarship" Distribution Ceremony was convened at our school

On the morning of November 26, 2013, “MARUWA Scholarship” Distribution Ceremony was convened at RM 306 in East Siyuan Building. Present at the ceremony were Masaru Wasami , President of MARUWA UNYU KIKAN CO., LTD. and Jae Kook Lim, president of MARUWA Logistics University, Su Xia, minister of Business Planning Department and Xu Jingsong, deputy director of External Communication Department of our school, Lin Fang, deputy director of Student Financial Assistance Management Center, Zhang Mingyu, CPC Committee Secretary, Wen Yingchun, deputy secretary, Shi Xianliang, associate dean of our school, etc. 10 yearly candidates for the scholarship also attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Wen Yingchun.  
Xu Jingsong, first of all, conveyed the warm welcome to Masaru Wasami , President of MARUWA UNYU KIKAN CO., LTD., and his retinue, and also expressed the heart-felt thanks to the generous concerns and financial support from MARUWA UNYU KIKAN CO., LTD., for poverty-stricken students at our school. He strongly persuaded the students to cherish the gratitude towards the supporters and try hard to reciprocate the society and people from all walks of life with outstanding performances. Masaru Wasami introduced the constant excellent cooperation between MARUWA UNYU KIKAN CO., LTD., and our school all along and this visit to BJTU was another amicable trip and also expressed his great expectation for the convening of the scholarship distribution ceremony. Yu Man, a student representative expressed the most sincere gratitude to the school and MARUWA UNYU KIKAN CO., LTD., on behalf of the recipients of the scholarship and their determination to pursue the industrious study with better performances with aggressive ambition for higher goals to complete their academic studies and research with good honors and try to map out a wonderful life course for themselves. At last, Zhang Mingyu exchanged gifts with Masaru Wasami on behalf of the school, and the scholarship distribution ceremony came to an close with the satisfactory results.  
After the scholarship distribution ceremony, Masaru Wasami, Jae Kook Lim and Ms. Su Xia delivered their speeches, entitled respectively “Operation and Talent Education Strategy of MARUWA UNYU KIKAN CO., LTD. ","Transforming from demand-based talents to the valuable elite human resources” and “A Talk about  Low Temperature Logistics in China ”, which were closely related to the professional knowledge of the students of School of Economics and Management and effectively facilitated the students present at the ceremony to have a further understanding of the development course of MARUWA UNYU KIKAN CO., LTD., so the ceremony won the warm applause from the students. In the afternoon, the visiting group had an amicable seminar with previous recipients of the scholarship, at which Masaru Wasami inquired about the growth and changes of the students on campus for studies and their daily life, and the scholarship recipients expressed their heartfelt thanks to the visiting president and shared a discussion over all problems in their studies and daily life. Masaru Wasami patiently answered the students’ questions one by one from his own life and study experience.
This is the third visits to our school made by the visiting group from MARUWA UNYU KIKAN CO., LTD., and this visit further enhances the exchange and communication with our school, consolidates the bilateral cooperation and plays a vital role in strongly promoting the talent cultivation and education in our school.