Our School is honorably involved with Seventh Framework Program (FP7)

In October, BJTU and other 6 universities in Europe and China were fortunate in having their application endorsed for “EC-China Research Network on Integrated Container Supply Chains” under FP7.

This program mainly takes the global supply chain as its perspective based on Economics, Management Science, Operations Research, etc., as the theoretical foundation to study the theories, technologies and implementation methods for optimization and integration of the container supply chains (including Railway, highway, aviation and sea transportation). This program was mainly spearheaded by School of Economics and Management of BJTU, Information Theory and Technical International Research Center of BJTU. In the past year, the research team composed of such major members as Prof. Shi Xianliang as the general person-in-charge, Prof. Zhang Rundan, Prof. Liu Shifeng, Prof. Zhang Juliang and Prof. Li Yisong, etc., and the researchers from other six universities conducted the positive cooperation, meticulous organization and application, which was highly evaluated by the international experts and scholars, thus having won the approval from FP7 Expert Committee. Our school’s research team was responsible for the research and practice of “Utilizing Information Technology to Integrate Container Supply Chain”, particularly involving such research contents: Different transport models and the purpose, process and mechanism of the information communication among different transportation organizations;  the information collection, processing, transmission and the theory and methods for knowledge discovery for the container integration based on RFID and the promising technology; the RFID container supply chain risk management, etc. The successful application for this program shows that BJTU has been in the internationally advanced level in terms of supply chain logistics management and information theory and the technical research level. At the same time, the research of this program will further promote the profound cooperation between our school and the internationally renowned universities, particularly in the field of teaching and scientific research.

On November 20, 2013, two members of the research team, respectively Prof. Zhang Runtong and Prof. Zhang Juliang, participated in the start-up and general coordination meeting at Liverpool City in England on behalf of the BJUT research team. At the meeting, they introduced the current research achievements and performances of BJUT research team, the incentive plan for this research project and the plan for exchange and cooperation, etc.

FP7 is one of the largest official and comprehensive research and development plans in the world and represents a project with the most investment from EU and the most abundant global scientific research and technical development with a view to integrating the scientific and technical forces of member countries and establishing the research network with the research of the forward-looking themes at the international scientific and technological forefront and the competitive scientific and technical problems as the focal point to enhance the overall EU scientific and technological levels. FP7 (Framework Program 7) is fully named as “Seventh Framework Program” for a period of seven years (2007-2013) with the total budget for this project is more than 50 billion Euros, highly featuring the sophisticated research level, extensive fields, more participating countries and tremendous investment.