School of Business Administration Started the í░Academic, Career and Enterprise Growth Pathí▒ Activity Series


To stimulate the development of first-level disciplineBusiness Administration and promote the fast growth of young teachers and postgraduate students, the “Academic, Career and Enterprise Growth Path” Activity Series was held in Room 821 of East Siyuan Building in the afternoon, Nov. 7th 2013. Over 30 young teachers and postgraduate students of School of Business Administration attended the activity. Zhang Wensong, President of School of Business Administration presided over the activity.

The “Academic, Career and Enterprise Growth Path” Activity Series is a series of activities held by School of Business Administration, including “Academic Growth Path” Activity , “Career Growth Path” Activity, and “Enterprise Growth Path” Activity. The “Academic Growth Path” Activity mainly invited experienced domestic and foreign scholars to instruct our school’s young teachers and postgraduate students to publish high-level academic papers, and apply for National Natural Science Fund, National Philosophy and Social Science Fund, and other high-level programs. The “Career Growth Path” Activity mainly invited professional managers who succeeded rapidly after graduation to analyze their career growth path for our students, so that our students can “know themselves, know the society, show themselves, manage themselves and realize themselves”. The “Enterprise Growth Path” Activity mainly invited successful entrepreneurs to share their successful experience of running enterprise and analyze the management functions of “Human Resources, Finance, Material, Production, Supply and Sales”, so as to stimulate college students’ consciousness of starting business and passion for starting business, and strengthen their purposefulness and self-consciousness of study.

The “Academic Growth Path” Activity was the beginning of the Activity Series. The first lecture was given by He Xiaoming, Associate Professor of Department of Business Administration. The title of the lecture was FIRM RESOURCES, COMPETITIVE ACTIONS AND PERFORMANCE: INVESTIGATING A MEDIATED MODEL WITH EVIDENCE FROM THE IN-VITRO DIAGNOSTICS INDUSTRY. The paper was published on top English periodical Strategic Management Journal in 2011. In the lecture that lasted over an hour, He Xiaoming expatiated on the stages of topic selecting, data collection, model building, paper forming, periodical selecting and multiple modifications, and gave a systematic explanation of the paper. Teachers and students present at the activity showed great interest in the “Resources→ Competitive actions→ Performance” model, and had a deep communication on the related problems of the model and their confusion about writing academic papers. All the teachers and students present at the activity benefited a lot.

School of Business Administration will invite high-level scholars, professional managers and excellent entrepreneurs every year with plan to give lectures and carry out cooperation and exchange in our school, so as to enrich and solidify our school’s educational functions, i.e. “talent cultivation, scientific research and serving society”.