Scholar s of Griffith University Visited Our School and Had Academic Exchanges

In the past few days, at the invitation of the Department of Tourist Management, Prof. Bill Merrilees, Prof. Dale Miller and Prof. Ding Peiyi of Griffith University visited our school and had academic exchanges with professors and students of the Department of Tourist Management.

In the exchanges, Zhang Hui,Dean of the Department of Tourist Management, first introduced the discipline construction and teaching and research situation of Tourism Management Major briefly. Then he mainly introduced the research framework and progress of “The World Tourism City Evaluation System”. Bill Merrilees and Dale Miller introduced the research idea, research approach and preliminary results of the Tourism City Brand Research Project they are doing now. Professors and doctoral students of the Department of Tourist Management had deep exchanges with the visiting scholars on the research topic Tourism City Brand. Through the exchanges, our professors and students got lots of beneficial inspiration in carrying out the research.

Prof. Bill Merrilees and Prof. Dale Miller respectively are Director and Deputy Director of Brand Research Center, Griffith University. They mainly focus on fields like brand operation and marketing research.