Celebration for 1st Get-together of Previous Schoolfellows at School of Economics and Management

The autumn sky is clear with the fresh and crisp air, adding radiance and beauty to the verdant and golden farmland and mountains. As Beijing Jiaotong University ushered in its 117th founding anniversary and the 30th, 20th and 10th graduation anniversary for the graduates in Grade 79, 89 and 99, School of Economics and Management commenced the visiting schoolfellow celebration on September 21, 2013. Schoolfellows of Grade 79 are the first graduates from the school as from the reform and opening-up. Yet, this year is the first time to witness the get-together of schoolfellows of three grades at School of Economics and Management. 

The graduation anniversary is a time for schoolfellows to jubilantly recollect the old times with cheers and happy smiles. School of Economics and Management has warmly received200-odd schoolfellows of Grade 79, 89 and 99 at South Gate grove where the schoolfellows are brimming over with great warmth and excitement at the get-together! The schoolfellows are busy extending their respective greetings to each other with a warm hug and the exciting and yearning emotions. They leaf through the homecoming anniversary journal “Schoolfellow Communication” edited and prepared by Schoolfellow Office and understand the development of the school and the individual changes of the schoolfellows. Some schoolfellows stand in front of 3 display boards of old photos and sign their natures thereto to cherish their memory of the youthful period.  

After the schoolfellows signed in, they gathered together for a class seminar at East Siyuan Building. Deputy President Zhang Li and Director of School Administrative Office Qiu Xiaodong of School of Economics and Management greeted and stayed together with schoolfellows of Grade 79; Deputy President Shi Xianliang and Schoolfellow Office Director Li Yuanhui paid a visit to schoolfellows of Grade 89; School Party Committee Deputy Secretary Wen Yingchun and Youth League Committee Secretary Liu Jingli paid a call on schoolfellows of Grade 99, all of whom extended the warm welcome, cordial greetings and best wishes to the schoolfellows for the anniversary celebration and also introduced the school development, changes and achievements. Prof. Rong Chaohe, Prof. Ju Songdong and Prof. Zhang Wenjie, etc., respectively presided over the seminars attended by a large number of other professors and old teachers in celebration of the return of the schoolfellows. The school leaders and old teachers were eagerly concerned about the individual development of the schoolfellows who also expressed their profound longing for their teachers and instructors, so everyone present at the get-together felt greatly exalted and excited. After the seminars for the schoolfellows of three grades, they gathered together at Central Reporting Hall, Tianyou Hall and Machinery Meeting Hall for the celebration. Li Jianfei, a graduate of Grade 79, and Wu Di, a graduate of Grade 89 gave their respective speech at the celebration on behalf of the other schoolfellows, thus having won the warm applause from all teachers and students present at the get-together.

With the elapse of so many years, the schoolfellows are still cherishing their friendship and intimacy, emotionally recollecting the unforgettable years with deep affection and sentimental attachment. The celebration of the return of schoolfellows of three grades at their alma mater strongly fills their hearts with the great joy of reunion and brings back their cherished memory of the previous years of academic pursuit at the school, which promises a new chapter to be mutually created by the excellent schoolfellows and their alma mater and School of Economics and Management with their respective performances and efforts.