Announcement of Beijing Jiaotong University for Open Selection and Appointment of President for School of Economics and Management

Beijing Jiaotong University is a national key university directly affiliated to Ministry of Education, as well as a university involving the building of the major discipline innovative platform of “National 211 Project” and “985 Project”, the first batch of universities listed into “2011 Program” and the first batch of universities with its own Ph.D and master degree granting graduate School. With the unremitting efforts made by its students and faculty for a hard struggle, now Beijing Jiaotong University has developed into a very important base to vigorously promote the national socioeconomic development, particularly in cultivating the technologically innovative and high-level talents for the transportation industry and Beijing.

Economics and Management Disciplines of Beijing Jiaotong University were established in 1909, initiating the cultivation of the senor management talents for China. School of Economics and Management was founded by reorganizing the former Economics College, Materials Management Engineering Department and Industrial Engineering and Construction Management Department. The school has carried forward the well-reputed disciplinary development tradition to continue its pioneering progress and the excellent achievements, so now it is one of the 17 pilot school comprehensive reform organizations ratified by Ministry of Education with 10-odd teaching units under its umbrella, particularly Economics Department, Accounting Department and Business Management Department, etc., and 20-odd research organizations. Besides, it has 3 one-tier disciplines to grant Ph.D degree, particularly including Applied Economics, Management Science and Business Administration and the corresponding post-doctoral mobile research centers and working stations, 10 second-tier disciplines Ph.D degree granting programs and 4 one-tier discipline Master degree granting programs coupled with 11 undergraduate specialties. Its Industrial Economics is the national key discipline while Management Science and Engineering and Business Management are the key disciplines of Beijing Municipality. The school is currently staffed with 203 teachers and staff members, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor, 1 member of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 48 professors and  84 associate professors together with 4000-odd on-campus students. Please log on to the school’s website for more details at

With a view to further accelerating the school development and promoting the pilot school comprehensive reform, Beijing Jiaotong University now offer the position of the president of School of Economics and Management for open selection and appointment at home and abroad, so competent candidates of insight are cordially invited to apply for the position.
. Job-related powers and duties
1. Taking in charge of the teaching, scientific research, discipline building and administrative work of the school.
2. Being responsible for the pilot school comprehensive reform, working out and implementing the school development plan highlighting “domestic leader with international impact” as its target.
3. Introducing and cultivating a number of academic leaders with comparatively stronger academic influence and giving emphasis on the cultivation of the young and middle-aged backbone teachers and building a high-level faculty.
4. Making greater efforts in elevating the discipline building level of the economics and management specialties, particularly the application and building of the national key disciplines so as to fully enhance the academic research capability and efficiency of the entire school and effectively organize the school to better serve the national major strategies and social demands.
5. Strengthening the teaching quality engineering building, developing and improving the model for the cultivating the new-type economics and management talents. 
6. Establishing and upgrading the school’s teaching, scientific research, administrative management system and mechanism.
7. Strengthening the international exchange, expanding the international impact, effectively enhancing the school international level, particularly the international certification of the key schools.
8. Positively raising sufficient funds for the school development
II. Basis qualifications and requirements
1. Earnestly implement the party and state educational policy, love the higher education undertaking and have the stronger devotion and sense of responsibility and excellent personal qualities; have the daring resolution for aggressive reform with the qualifies to assume responsibilities, abide by the democratic centralism and take into account the overall situations, be adept at effectively communicating with comrades with strong cohesive force and listening attentively to various opinions from the general teachers and staff members.
2. Familiarize himself or herself with the higher education regular trends and understand the current domestic and overseas higher education situations with excellent professional ethics, creative awareness and team spirit coupled with the comparatively stronger organizational and coordinating capability and decision-making and management capabilities.  
3. Having obtained the important achievements in his or her publicly recognized in the domestic and overseas industry in the relevant disciplinary research field, noted for his meticulous scholarship, decent style of study with the international academic vision coupled with the one or more than one consecutive year or years of overseas studies, work or working abroad as a visiting scholar.
4. have obtained Ph.D degree, senior technical position or the lifetime professorship at a famous overseas university; in the excellent physical and mental health, aged less than 55 full years old; as for the most excellent candidate, the corresponding restrictions and conditions can be properly relaxed accordingly.
5. Any candidate with the working experience at Business School accredited with AMBA, EQUIS or AACSB certificates will be entitled to the priority in selection and appointment.
6. The appointment period for the president is four years, during which he or she is required to work in full time.
III. Appointment benefits
The school will follow the relevant talent introduction support policy and take into full account the candidate’s capabilities, academic level and personal impact and other relevant factors and will consult with the candidate to be appointed for the position to identify the relevant benefits. According to the requirements and discipline features for this position, the benefits offered by the school can be consulted and determined in the following scope: Salary: 0.5-1 million yuan/year coupled with a free apartment and the scientific research supporting fund up to 0.6-1 million yuan. The specific conditions and benefits are negotiable. If the appointed candidate is the current teacher on campus, the benefits shall also be negotiable.
IV. Signing up 
1. All candidates can sign up for the position through the peer nomination by the overseas experts and through the personal application and other relevant methods.
2. The nominee and applicant is required to fill out “Registration Form for Signing up for open selection and appointment by Beijing Jiaotong University of President of School of Economics and Management” (refer to the downloaded Appendix 1), and in the meanwhile the candidates are required to submit the rele4vant credentials and documents (including Academic degree certificates and technical professional title (letter of appointment) and copies of awards and academic achievements, etc.The applicants other than teachers of our university are required to submit three letters of recommendation and the corresponding contact information. The above-mentioned materials shall be served or sent by post or faxed to Organizational Department of CPC Party Committee of Beijing Jiaotong University, together with the Electronic versions of the application registration form and the corresponding credentials and documents (scanned format). The application materials sent to the designated email address within the prescribed time limit shall be deemed as valid.
V. Signing-up Time limit  
Signing-up time: from the day this announcement is released until November 30, 2013
XI. Our contact information
Mailing Address: No. 3, Shangyuan Village, Xizhi Menwai Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing City
Organizational Department of CPC Party Committee of Beijing Jiaotong University
Post Code: 100044
Liaison: Chen Zhixin
Tel: +86-010-51683903
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Beijing Jiaotong University
Date: October 23, 2013