Circular on 2013 Humanistic Knowledge Contest in Beijing Jiaotong University

To further promote students’ cultural quality education in our school, build an atmosphere of “Humanistic Jiaotong University” campus culture, strengthen students’ awareness of their mission of inheriting and innovating Chinese culture, to attract and encourage students to rekindle their interest in and enthusiasm for humanistic knowledge and humanistic classics, cultivate excellent talents that have both scientific quality and humanistic spirit, and select contestants for the coming Beijing 2013 Humanistic Knowledge Contest. Through research, Humanistic Knowledge Contest of Beijing Jiaotong University is scheduled to be held from late September to mid-October 2013. The following is a circular about this Contest:
I.          Objectives
This Contest is to attract and encourage students to rekindle their interest in and enthusiasm for humanistic knowledge, to improve students’ cultural quality, to cultivate students’ cultural consciousness and innovation spirit, and finally to prepare the ground for students’ success in the future.
II.       Organizations
The Contest organizations involve the Humanistic Knowledge Contest organizing committee of Beijing Jiaotong University as the sponsor, School of Humanities as the organizer, the Culture Education Center in charge of implementation and the Humanistic Knowledge Contest review panel of experts.
III.     Requirements for Contestants
Contestants should be BJU registered undergraduate students with certain humanistic knowledge and attainments, and with basic tender feelings and respect for the Chinese culture.
IV.     Contents and Requirements
The Contest includes (1) The basic knowledge of literature, history and philosophy, a larger proportion of which is Chinese literature (especially the classical Chinese literature); (2) Some knowledge of the history of science and that of natural sciences; (3) Some knowledge of the history and culture in Beijing; (4) the Chinese classics, especially the Analects of Confucius and Lao Zi. Login the blog of the secretariat of Beijing college students humanistic knowledge contest for related information at
There are wo phases: (1) A preliminary contest in the form of closed-book examination; (2) A final in the form of on-the-spot answers and expert interviews.
V.       Time and Place Arrangement
Application Time: Fill in an attached application form about personal information, and by September 18, 2013 send it to the e-mail address: or Please write “Application for Humanistic Knowledge Contest” in your e-mail subject.
Time and Place for the Preliminary Contest: At 9:30 ~ 11:30 on September 28, 2012. Please wait for further notice about examination venues and other arrangement.
Time and Place for the Final: At 9:30 ~ 11:30 on October 13, 2012. Please wait for further notice about specific arrangement.
VI.     Prizes
Found the first, the second and the third prize and several Outstanding Organization Awards. Select 10 outstanding ones from winning contestants for 2013 Beijing College Student Humanistic Knowledge Contest on behalf of our school.
VII.  Others
Attachment: Please visit the download page
Organizing Committee of Beijing Jiaotong University Humanistic Knowledge Contest
(Dean’s Office stamps on behalf of the Committee)
On September 12, 2013