Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA (Program No. 19) is Available for sign-up

Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA Program
Admission Brochure (2013 Version)
I. Profile of Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA Program
Beijing Jiaotong University is a national key university directly affiliated to Ministry of Education and jointly established by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Railway and Beijing Municipal Government and it is one the first batch of universities to grant PhD and Master Degrees and the first batch “211 Project” Construction universities as well of a university of “985 Project” and “Advantageous Discipline Innovation Platform” for the project key construction. With the unremitting efforts made by faculties and students of Beijing Jiaotong University in the past 100 years, the university has developed into a national key university of the integrated multidisciplinary development with engineering and management specialties as the main teaching framework, highly featuring such discipline clusters as information, communication, management and economics, etc., highly integrating engineering, management, economics, management and literal arts. In 2002, it was officially approved by Ministry of Education to engage in EMBA Program as one of the 30 universities approved by Ministry of Education for EMBA Degree Education.
Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA Degree Program has always followed the talent cultivation philosophy “International vision, highlighting all advantages for the knowledge and action integration and aspiration for the excellence”, devoted to cultivating entrepreneurs with the global awareness and management elites who can easily adapt to the global competition. So our school can impart students with the advanced management philosophies and experience and the human-oriented humanistic spirit with the invisible, formative influence exercised by the teachers with a view to cultivating their knowledge competence. In view of the sense of responsibility, we advocate the social morality of integrity, sincerity and contribution with more attention paid to the cultivation of the excellent Business Ethics. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the widening of the students’ innovative capacity and learning capacity, so our curriculum focuses on the systematic and forward-looking study of the management theories with emphasis laid upon the practical and international application in a bid to facilitate students to systematically command the international business administration core knowledge and command the world-level market environment and management concepts from the perspective of the global competitive strategy to fully enhance their decision-making capability and leadership.
 II. Cultivation Goal: Corporate Leaders and industrial Future
EMBA Education represents the master-level management education catering to the executive staff working in enterprises, government economic management departments. Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA Program is to cultivate the entrepreneurs and senior professional managers with the excellent business ethics, stronger pioneering and innovative capability and leadership with the systematic command of the modern management knowledge and the modern management models, the international business strategic mind and the decision-making capacity for overall considerations, who can adapt to the international competitive demands
Cultivation Modules
Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA Degree Program consists of five three-dimensional integrated teaching sectors, respectively the modular knowledge system, progressive case analysis, vertical situational simulation, freestanding special theme seminars and team-based faculty to highly combine theory with practice, Inspire and activate the students’ thinking and broaden their vision, build the exchange platform, provide the opportunities for mutual discussion and sharing, reduce the dullness and fatigue in the learning process and increase the students’ interest in learning.
Cultivation Model
- Duration of study: 18 months for four-day lessons at a weekend each month (From Thursday to Sunday).
- The courses will be presented in the form of class lectures and case analysis, supplemented by the group discussion, combat simulations and all forms of lectures.
- At the maturity of the course period, the students having completed all required courses and tested as qualified and passed the master degree thesis defense are entitled to EMBA Degree officially issued and presented by Beijing Jiaotong University and certified by the national competent education authority.
Features of Candidacies
Since 2003 for the initial EMBA program, the enrollment has gained the year-by-year increase. By the end of 2012, our school has recruited a total number of 1200 EMBA candidates.
Among the candidates are board chairmen, general managers and CEOs, accounting for more than 70% mainly involving such industries as the banking and insurance, transport and logistics, real estate development, government administration, commerce and trade, telecommunication and electronics, coal and power, public utilities, etc., particularly including many large state-owned enterprises. In view of the regional distribution, most of the candidates are from Beijing, Taiwan, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Shanxi, etc. A lot of excellent management talents gather together in Beijing Jiaotong University, thus having built the powerful Alumni Network for EMBA candidates and the resources sharing and wisdom collision platform.
Brand Impact
In 2004, the first EMBA Selection of the Most powerful Market Leadership in China, our school’s EMBA Program ranked 13th;  
In 2005, the second EMBA Selection of the Most powerful Market Leadership in China, our school’s EMBA Program ranked 11th;
In 2006, the third EMBA Selection of the Most powerful Market Leadership in China, our school’s EMBA Program ranked 11th;
In 2007, the fourth EMBA Selection of the Most powerful Market Leadership in China, our school’s EMBA Program ranked 10th;
In 2008, the fifth EMBA Selection of the Most powerful Market Leadership in China, our school’s EMBA Program ranked 10th;
In 2008, the sixth EMBA Selection of the Most powerful Market Leadership in China, our school’s EMBA Program ranked 8th;
In 2009, the seventh EMBA Selection of the Most powerful Market Leadership in China, our school’s EMBA Program ranked 7th;
In 2010, the eighth EMBA Selection of the Most powerful Market Leadership in China, our school’s EMBA Program ranked 7th;
In 2011, the ninth EMBA Selection of the Most powerful Market Leadership in China, our school’s EMBA Program ranked 7th;
In 2012, the tenth EMBA Selection of the Most powerful Market Leadership in China, our school’s EMBA Program ranked 6th;
Specific Qualifications
- With bachelor degree or above. 
- With working experience for 8 or more than 8 years, including 4 or more than 4 years of management work experience, particularly the senior management staff in the enterprises or public institutions and government departments.
- With better ideological and political performances and excellent work performances in good health condition.
Materials to be submitted for approval
- Official Application Form
- Two letters of Recommendation (A, B)
- Copy of degree certificate and diploma (each)  
- One copy of Valid ID card
- Three one-inch photos
- One person resume
Remarks: Those who have obtained the master degree are kindly requested to provide the copies of their undergraduate degree certificate and diploma; but those with the diploma of junior college try to obtain the undergraduate diploma are required to provide their copies of the junior college diploma.
Where any candidates who obtained their diploma from the overseas universities (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), they are required to go through the certification procedures at Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) with the submission of one copy of “Foreign Degree Verification Certificate”.
The tuition includes all attendance fees, teaching materials and lecture fees, translation fees and charges fro using the school resources (materials room and computer room) and thesis defense fees and charges fro interval tea and refreshments. The round-trip travel fares, accommodation and parking fees shall not be reckoned into the tuition.
III. Instructions on the entrance exam for Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA Degree Program
Beijing Jiaotong University shall independently organize EMBA postgraduate entrance exam according to the unified requirements of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. With a view to facilitating some entrepreneurs with the abundant management practical experience and better performances to get access to the Chinese higher education, we will adopt the written exam (totally at the discretion of the school) combined with the interview based on the qualification review with the interview as the major selection method to review and evaluatethe comprehensive quality and management capability of the applicants.
1. Exam
Interview: it is mainly intended to review and evaluate the comprehensive quality, management capability and the cultivation potentials of the applicants, mainly involving the statements about their education background, work experience, work performances, etc, and the answers to the on-site questions raised by the interview judges.
The focal points of the evaluation include the communication skills, logic reasoning capability, comprehensive analysis capability, comprehensive analysis capability, the thorough understanding and perception of the management of their respective industry and the understanding of Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA Program and their learning motivations, etc.
Written exam: The comprehensive written exam is mainly to review and evaluate the logic reasoning, comprehensive analysis of the management theory and practice and English proficiency of the applicants. The written exam will be 3 hours, composed of three parts, respectively Logic Reasoning, Presentation of Management Practice and English test. Part 1 is mainly the multiple choices; Management Presentation is mainly focusing on the actual problems related to the enterprise management; English test is mainly involved with the daily business English actual application.
2. Application Flow:
Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA Degree Program isavailable for application nationwide.
Application time: All year round
Application Method: Online direct application or downloading the application form from the designated website or request fro the application form by Email, Phone calls or fax, or directly ask for the application form at EMBA Education Center.
Application Procedures: get access to the application form and other materials; completely fill out the forms as required according to the actual situations and information.
Registration Fees: RMB 500 yuan.
2. Contact Information:
Tel: 010-51684720; 51688359; 51684721
Fax: 010-51684683
Mailing Add: No. 3, Shangyuan Village, Xizhi Menwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing City
EMBA Education Center, RM. 510, East Siyuan Building, Beijing Jiaotong University
Post Code: 100044
Liaison: Mr. /Ms. Gong and Mr. /Ms. Lu