Service for students of international study/exchange

The services for outgoing local students are as follows:

Ø Provide counselling services to prepare students for on-line application and paper application materials.
Ø Help students to apply for visa by giving advices and issuing required official materials for visa application.
Ø Maintain exchange students’ names in the school roll during the exchange period.
Ø Organize students to sign agreement with the BJTU before leaving for abroad which specifies rights and responsibilities of each party involved in the exchange period.
Ø Provide guidance for students (taking long-term exchange programs) in choosing courses during the exchange period, by considering the requirements of both BJTU and the partner universities. Students’ proposal for taking courses abroad will be examined and approved by the SEM.  
Ø  It helps students (taking long-term exchange programs) transfer the credit hours taken abroad in partner universities to the corresponding credit hours recognized by the BJTU.
Ø  Help exchange students taking 2+2 international programs prepare for graduation, such as contacting exchange students abroad to verify their graduation qualifications.
Ø Offer mailing service for exchange students such as mailing application materials and receiving offer letters and score sheets.

The services for short-term incoming international students (less than 1 term) are as follows:

Ø Meet and greet. The school reserves school buses and organizes volunteers to pick up international students.
Ø Arrange accommodation issue. It reserves rooms at the campus hotel before arrival and help international students check in after arrival.
Ø Arrange orientation lectures. It provides detailed information regarding cultural differences, living at BJTU campus, and details of their course and study.
Ø Arrange field visits and cultural visits.
Ø Organize volunteer services. About 10 student volunteers are sent to accompany international student groups when they visit enterprises and attractions in Beijing.

The services for long-term incoming international students are as the following:

Ø Provide counselling services before students arrive at SEM.
Ø Provide meeting and greeting services.
Ø Provide services right after students arrives at SEM. The school helps students to deal with accommodation, registration and selecting course.
Ø Offer language courses (including mandarin and English).
Ø Provide Volunteer services.

Allocate supervisors for exchange students in Master or Doctor Programs.