International Programmes

International Content of Our Programmes
To internationalize the student body, SEM has incorporated international content in its programmes. General examples are provided below:

Use international version of textbook written by authors in western countries
Incorporating case studies from the US and Europe, and comparing and analysing these cases with local ones.

Incorporating business theories and practices from the west, and comparing them with those of the east.
Inviting internationally recognized speakers to lecture on topics of their expertise.
Organizing overseas study tours for local students to experience other cultures
32 courses taught in English at various levels.

Joint Programmes
At present, we have on-going and upcoming joint programmes with a number of institutions.
Students are required to participate equally (in terms of duration) at both locations so that they will be exposed to different teaching and learning cultures, social differences, and so on.

Student Exchange Opportunities
Over the past couple of years, BJTU SEM has provided the following student exchange opportunities:
The School has established student exchange and cooperation programmes with 47 universities from nine countries and regions.

A total of 973 exchange students from various countries, who study at the School for one semester or for one month, also enrich the international flavour of the classroom.

In the past five years, a lot of undergraduate, masters and MAB students have been sent abroad via these programmes.