Curriculum Vitae
Yanyong    Wang
Professor of Tourism Management
Office Location: SD719
Office Phone: 86-10-51684175
Education Background
BS, Shandong Normal University, 1978--1982
Professional Experience
Professor Yanyong Wang got his bachelor degree in Geology Science from Shandong Normal University in 1982. He teaches in the areas of tourism planning and exploiting. Professor Wang is the executive member World Leisure Organization (China Branch), the member of planning experts’ bank in China Tourism Bureau, the vice president of China Tourism Marketing Committee, the member of China Tourism Culture Committee, the councilman of China Geology Institute and Beijing Tourism Institute, has been the tourism consultant of Shandong, Henan, Ningxia Guizhou and other ten cities. He is also the guest professor of five universities in China
Professor Wang has published more than 40 articles in top tourism journals and papers, as well as 11 books such as Theory and Practice of Tourism Planning, Projecting of Tourist Attraction, Tourism Planning and Exploiting and Society?Culture?Environment etc.
Up to now, Professor Wang has been interviewed by many TV stations and the press over 100 times, including CCTV, PHOENIXTV, Travel Channel, Sohu and China Tourism News etc.
Research Areas
The early theory about Tourism Shadow Region and the recent theories including Ten Ideas to Boost the Transition and Upgrade of China Tourism Industry, Criticism of China Tourism Planning and Certain Soil Feed Certain Type of Person have great influence and favorable reputation in both educational and industrial circles.
In China, Professor Wang is the second most productive expert who has directed and programmed 139 tourism plans, such as World Heritage Taishan, Sankong of Qufu and Ningxia, Liangshan, Xicheng District of Beijing, Luanchuan of Henan, Taining of Fujian, Huangdi’s Hometown in Henan, Nalati of Xinjiang, Shapotou and Liupanshan of Ningxia etc.
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