Curriculum Vitae
Ping YIN
Instructor of Tourism Management

Department of Tourism Management,
 School of Economics and Management,
Beijing Jiatotong University

Shangyuancun #3, Haidian District, Beijing 100044, P.R.China
(86-10)5168-7184 (O)
(86)139-0124-6806 (M)
Education Background
Sep,2005-Now,        PhD Candidate
Renmin University of China
Major: Population, Resource and Environment Economics

Sep,1999-Jul,2002  Master of Science 
Beijing Normal University, 2002.7

Major: Human Geography

Sep,1995-Jul,1999  Bachelor of Science
Yantai Normal University, 1999.7
Major: Geography
Professional Experience
January 2007-- now      Lecturer,
School of Economics and Management
Beijing Jiaotong University

September 2004- December 2006     Lecturer,
School of Traffic and Transportation
Beijing Jiaotong University

July 2002- September 2004          Teaching Assistant,

School of Traffic and Transportation 
Beijing Jiaotong University
Research Areas
Property Evolution of Tourism Areas (Sites) ; Competition and Corporation of Tourism Industry in an area  
Teaching Courses
Journal Articles
“Assessment of Sustainable Tourism Development in Beijing” (Chinese version), With MA Zhongyu, Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University(Humanities and Social Sciences. Will published in next issue. 2009
“Research on Tourism Information Systems for Self-drive tourists”, with JIANG Xinwei et al, accepted by IEEE/SOLI’2008. Indexed by EI &ISTP
“Assessment of Sustainable Tourism Development in Beijing”, with CHEN Haimu,  Proceeding of Hangzhou Conference on Management of Technology, Symposia of 5th Technology Economics, 19 April 2008. Indexed by ISSHP
“Spatial Competition of Large-Scale Amusement Parks in Small-scale Space——A Case Study of Beijing”, with WANG Yanyong et al, acceted by Human Geography, 2008.
“Tourism Planning and Exploitation” with WANG Yanyong, published by Beijing University Press, 2007.
“Exploitation and Management Study on China Festival& Special Event”, with YU Qing et al, Human Geography, Issue 6, 2005 (Vol. 20, No. 6): 56-59.
“Analysis on the Domestic Documents of Rural Tourism in 1997-2003”, Journal of Guilin Institute of Tourism, Issue 6, 2004 (Vol. 23, No. 6):845-855.
“Exploitation and Management Study on China City Festival& Special Event”, with YU Qing et al, Geographical Research, Issue 6, 2004 (Vol. 20, No. 6): 56-59.
“Elementary Study on Non-Optimal Areas of Tourism Resources”, Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University (Humanities and Social Sciences, 2003 (No 3):50-53.
“Study on Development of Agri-tourism in China”, with GE Yuejing, Journal of China Agriculture Resources and Regional Planning, Issue 4, 2002 (Vol. 23, No. 4): 31-33.
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
Academic Research Grants
Major Business Projects
Jane 2008-- now          Executive manager
Tourism Development Planning for Taining County,Fujian Province

May 2007-  now            Main participant
Population Gathering During the Regional Planning of Main Function Region in Ningxia Autonomous Region

August 2006-- December 2006       Executive manager
Tourism Development Planning for Qinglong County,Hebei Province

Jane 2006-- August 2006           Main participantr
Tourism Development Planning for Qingtongxia County,Ningxia Huizu Autonomous Region

Jane 2005-- November 2005          participant
Tourism Development Planning for Golden Coast in Weihai City, Shandong ProvinceMarch

2004-- May 2004        Participant
Tourism Development Planning for Zhanhua County,Shandong Province

Junuary 2003- December 2003       Participant
Research on City Festival and Events Tourism in China
Honors and Awards
Professional Organizations