Curriculum Vitae
Jianping Zhang, Ph.D. Candidate
Associate Professor
 School of Economics and Management,
Beijing Jiaotong University
Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 51688174  ; 
Education Background
Ph.D. Candidate (Sep. 2008 – present)
Graduate School, Beijing Normal University, China
M.A. (Sep.1987 – Jun.1990)
Graduate School, East China Normal University, China
B.A. (Sep. 1983 – Jun.1987)
School of Foreign Languages, East China Normal University, China
Professional Experience
2004 – present       Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
1996 – 2004          Lecturer; Associate Professor, Tourism Institute, Hainan University
1990 – 1996         Translator, Hainan Development and Construction General Company
1983 –1990          Master of Arts; Bachelor of Arts, Department of Russian, School of Foreign Language, East China Normal University

Research Areas


Teaching Courses


Journal Articles

1 Jianping Zhang et al., “An Analysis of Problems in Environmental Promotion System in Baihua
Mountain Nature Reserve: A Case Study with Countermeasures,” Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University(Social Sciences Edition), Vol. 7, No. 4, 2008.
2 Jianping Zhang et al., “Ecotourism and the Benefit of Local Residents----An Analysis of Successful Experience of Ecotourism in Kenya,” Tourism Tribune, No. 1, 2003.
3 Jianping Zhang et al., “Ecological Tour and Its Development in Hainan,” Tourism Economy, Vol. 6, 1999.
4 Jianping Zhang et al., “On the Development of Hainan Tropic Sightseeing Agriculture,” Areal Research and Development, Vol. 2, 2002
5 Jianping Zhang et al., “Leisure Style and Characteristic Analyzing of Chinese Ancient Female,” Social Scientist, Vol. 2, 2003
6 Jianping Zhang et al., “A General Analysis on the Negative Impact of Activities on Environment,” Journal of Guilin Institute of Tourism, Vol. 3, 2003
7 Jianping Zhang et al., “Leisure Lives and Social Style of Chinese Female,” Journal of Hainan University, Vol. 2, 2000
8 Jianping Zhang et al., “Reflection on Developing Tropical Tourism Agriculture in Hainan,” Journal of Hainan University, Vol. 1, 2000
9 Jianping Zhang et al., “Conception of Constructing Brands of Tourist Routes of Topic Three Tourism Golden Triangle in Hainan,” Hainan Internal Reference, Vol. 10, 2000
10 Jianping Zhang et al., “Importance and Application of Inter-personal Communication on Tourism Public Relations Activity,” Tourism Industry Guide, Vol. 5, 2000
11 Jianping Zhang et al., “Green Rhythm of Gloria Resort Sanya,” Tourism Industry Guide, Vol. 7, 1999
12 Jianping Zhang et al., “Thoughts on Increasing Tourism Informatization with Internet,” 99 Proceeding of China Informatization Forum
13  additional: several articles on China Tourism News and Hainan News

Conference Papers

1  Jianping Zhang, "Study on the Development of Ecotourism and Tourism Agriculture in Hainan," Proceedings of Ecotourism Development in Asian Four Island Countries,2003

Academic Monographs and Textbooks


Academic Research Grants

1 Textbook Project of the Eleventh National Five-year Plan, “Ecotourism,” 2006–2007, project leader.
2 Research Project of Educational Office of Hainan Province, “Study on Environmental Problem of Tourism
and Leisure and Tourism Environmental Protection in Hainan,” 2003, project leader.
3 Research Project of Hainan University, “Theory and Practice Study on Tourism Environmental
Protection,”2002, project leader
4 Research Project of Educational Office of Hainan Province, “Study on Tourism Sustainable Development
inHainan Province,” 1999, fisrt participator

Major Business Projects


Honors and Awards

1  Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Academic Backbone, Hainan University, 2001(reward 60000)
2   Second Prize of Young and Middle-aged Lectures Match, Hainan University, 2000(second of all)

Professional Organizations